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Doggy Daycare/boarding

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Do you take your dog to daycare or only leave them at kennels when you have to go away?
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Gigi has gone to daycare when I went out of town for the day and was gone 16 hours
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I couldn't vote, since I don't use those services. If we go anywhere (which is rare), we have someone to stay at our house, so no one is ever boarded. My MIL usually does it, but if she can't, I have a friend that will. It's way too expensive to board 4 dogs and 5 cats.
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Fergus does daycare about one day a week, for socialization more than anything else. It's hard to meet dogs these days.
We board him and the cats when we go away, they all do fine with being there.
My only problem was one day DH called me at work to tell me he dropped Fergus at doggy daycare and one of the girls took a message for me. I was teased so much over that message. Most people have not heard about doggy daycare.
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I didn't vote because there wasn't an option that covered what we do. Our guys go every Friday, every week, without fail. They love it, we love that they love it, and we'd go without other stuff if we had to, to keep sending them there. It's sooooo worth the cost, IMO.
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My Sophie goes to auntie karen's house, she gets spoiled rotten and sleeps in Aunties bed
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My dog goes everyday. My dog has a really loving nature and he absolutely LOVES to be around people and they absolutely love him there, plus he has his dog friends that he plays with.

When we drive up, he gets so excited and so happy to go, that it always makes me feel good about it.
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The reason I asked this is because I work at a doggy daycare and was just wondering how popular they are all over the us. If you have a hyper dog, TAKE THEM! LOL! I LOVE working with the dogs and seeing how great they all play together, and seeing how goofy they are! We have some characters there, like a great dane that thought she was a yorkie, and was freaking out in the big dog pen but was very content with all the small dogs! And a Feist mix that will jump over the fence to go with the big dogs!
Whats really funny is we get calls all the time from people saying "My dog is still asleep! Is this normal?!"
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There's no option for me. My mother comes and pet sits for me.
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