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a little about bendy

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Bendy was so named when I saw him at about 1 week old.
His front legs were bent under, and his tail was one big kink. I looked at him and said "oh my god, its a bendy."

(I had been trying to help a friend of a friend with her "breeding colony" - big mistake...but that is another story.)

At three weeks I snatched him, and all the other kittens out of that place and brought them home. (and yes, all 16 survived)

Bendy was seen by my new vet, who suggested we try soft braces on his legs.
It took about 5 seconds for him to figure out he could now zoom

His braces came off two months later and he has had beautiful straight legs ever since

He is polydactyl on all four feet, and had to have two toes removed because of where they were placed (one was in the middle of his palm, the other had a deformed claw that coudln't be clipped and was badly ingrown). His bobtail is a zigzag, and his spine just above his pelvis is fused - fortunatley w/out any complications.

He and his half sibs were my crash course in kitten intensive care, I must have loved it because I've been seeking out kittens and special needs cats ever since!

Here is a pict, if it works.

He is currently 2 years and four months old, the only chronic problem he has is a very very very touchy tummy!

We're glad to be here!

Bendy's mom
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Wait a minute! Do I know you. You were poor Legume's mommy from AcmePet.

I hate people who breed for twistie cats.
Do you have any good links on that for me? I used to have a bunch.
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Bendy is a very lucky kitty that you found him and were able to give him the care he needed! He's obviously a very special cat with a loving mum.
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There are a bunch of links on Bendy's website.
I don't remember exactly which page!

there is a page of links, and a page about polydactylism - I think the twisty links are in there.

I also remember that has a lot of info on it.

I recognized you!!!!!

Bendy's mom
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just a favor guys,

Please take those links to Twisty Kitties on to the PM format or email. I detest that woman who raises them and I don't want to promote any traffic to her or anyone else who does this sick breeding website!

Thanks for taking these kittens away from her and raising them in the right type of atmosphere Bendy. Nice to have you on board.
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actually those links aren't to her site.
they are sites describing what it is, and messybeast also has petitions and info on the fight to get it outlawed as well as being a well written cat health site in general.
I wouldn't promote traffic to her site either

one question, what is PM format?

Bendy's Mom
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Bendy: PM as in Private Message

I have a poly at home too, I love him!
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Ahh something Acme did not have- Private Messaging. A way that we can send quick communications back and forth between members.

If you click on user cp at the top? You go to a page where you will see all sorts of options. Click on Edit Options scroll down till you see Enable Private Messaging- click yes, then scroll down again till you come to Send an email when you get a Private Message? Click the yes box and then modify at the bottom.

This means that if someone who is a member sends you a PM you will get an email saying "you have received a PM from _______" then a link will come up to click that takes you directly to the message.

You don't have to engage the email option, but it is alot easier because otherwise you have to either remember to check your PM's daily or scroll down to where PM's are listed on the first page of the forums home and see if the paw-print is colored or not. When it is colored, it means there is a message for you.

You also want to be sure to keep the PM box pretty clean by deleting old PM's sent, receieved and in tracking. It clogs up pretty fast otherwise.

This board is technically superior than Acme, and with all the moderators here, the trolls don't get in very well. I love this Place!
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Yes yes, this place is much better than Acme.
The only thing I miss about that place was that it had a lot of smart people who had an answer for virtually everything.
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that inspite of being a database developer,
I am rather a technophobe.

all these new options are rather mind dazzling to me.

Bendy's mom
who has a vcr that doesn't have a clock, so she doens't need to set it!
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Not to start a discussion about something controversial, but what is a twisty? I never heard that term before. And I'm not sure about troll outside of fairy tales, but I'm guessing it's an unpleasant person who posts just to cause problems?
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THIS site has a lot of smart people, too. We, also, have the answer, to virtually everything- it may not, always, be the RIGHT answer but there is usually someone, who nows where to look.
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By the way, Bendy is a beautiful kitty!
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Bren: Twisty cats, just look it up on Yahoo and you'll see, or you can go to Bendy's personal site in her posting signature. They are cats born & bred for ones personal excitment of deformity.

A troll is one who comes here to cause trouble and nothing more CONSTANTLY.

Kati8e: Your right, why do you think I've chosen to come here over all the other cat sites on the net.
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A Twisty kitty is a breed of cat that literally has a twisted body. They basically are deformed- their paws twist, some cannot stand up properly, others can't lie down.Yet the woman who started this horrendous breeds swears by them, saying their temperment is to die for, they are so mellow and they don't get into mischief! Well DUH! Of course they don't get into mischief, because they can't walk a straight line! Her websites have been removed from the net so many times and she keeps finding other places to promote her cause. It is very sick and scary to me.
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Please feel free to browse!!!
his x-rays are there too, if you're interested.

by the time you're done reading my site and all the links you should be brimming with info (and quite sick to your gut about the whole thing).

but take time to look at all the nice picts of us happy kitties!!!!!

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I've never heard of such a thing. WHY would anyone want to breed for deformities? Polydactyls are one thing but, twisted legs and spines are just plain SICK!
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Bendy is GORGEOUS!! Hurrah to you for taking a special-needs kitty!
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Bendy is beautiful and looks very well cared for! You have quite an interesting site. I was reading about Sammi and looking at the pictures of his paw that were taken after the spider bite.
That poor little kitten!!!!!!
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