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Let me tell you about my wild and wacky day. I was invited to go on a horseback ride with Scott's mom and about 20 other people. It was a hot a humid day, so I brought a bottle of water and some paper towels to wipe the sweat because I don't do well with humid. The ride was great, very long, but lots of fun. We stopped about 3 hours in for a break (it was about the 3/4 mark of the ride). All of a sudden, I started feeling queasy and dizzy. I sat down on the ground and started feeling worse. I gave it five minutes and tried to shake it off. When I got up and grabbed the saddle to get back on, I started feeling REALLY dizzy and blacking out!!! I had to sit down again. We told the rest of the crew to go on ahead and we'd find our way home eventually (it was all easily marked trails). Well, I must've sat there for 1/2 an hour. One of the guys gave me an ice pack from his lunch and that seemed to help. We rode another 10 minutes before I started feeling crappy all over again, this time worse. I had to get off again. I wanted so badly to throw up because I knew it would've made me feel better, but nothing would come up. Another 1/2 hour of me feeling queasy and light headed went by, and all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. I kept telling myself to just get back on and hurry up and get home -- we only had about 1/2 a mile left. So I did, and held on tightly to the saddle and tried to concentrate on not blacking out. I let my horse just follow the other horses and contributed very little instruction to him. He was gawking off in the woods while walking, and I noticed a huge mud-covered rock ahead of us. Before I had time to correct his path, he was on the rock and his feet slipped out from under him and down we both went. I landed on the rock on my elbow, hip and knee, and the horse landed on the other side of me. Luckily, he got up quickly and was fine. I just lied there for a few seconds making sure I was still alive and could get up. Just what I needed after being almost dead to begin with! I have a scraped up elbow, and an extremely sore hip and knee that I'm sure will be all kinds of colors tomorrow. But luckily nothing major.

Everyone must've gotten worried when we took so long to get back, and they sent two guys out on a 4-wheeler to pick me up. One guy drove me back to the barn, the other rode my horse back for me. He let me into his nice house, completely covered in mud, and gave me two big cold glasses of water, which I promptly threw up a few minutes later. I did feel better but still exhausted and sick.

Long, slow ride back to Deb's. I couldn't even help her put the horses away and I was in my car and heading home. I probably shouldn't have been driving but oh well. I crashed on the couch, pausing just long enough to take off my muddy clothes and shoes.

Feeling much better now, but still have ice packs on my head and neck, took Advil for the scrapes/bumps, and am sipping water. This sucks!

Next time, I'll bring more water and a hat!