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Very Sleepy, Shaky 10 Week Old Kitten - help please

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Hello; I'm new here but I'm hoping someone has some advice for me about one of our adopted kittens.

He's just coming up to 10 weeks old and until late last night he was absolutely fine, really bright and perky, very adventurous and loving. Last night we noticed he was sleepy while his brother was busy playing, which was unusual. This morning, though, he's very warm and extremely sleepy. He's slept since we got up at 8am, so that's 5 and a half hours now, plus of course he probably slept all night. He's also sometimes (not all the time) shaking and trembling, even in his sleep. He doesn't want to take any food or water. He's not coughing or sneezing and doesn't have any eye or nose discharge. He did manage to walk to the litter tray about twenty mintues ago and did a big wee, but he was quite wobbly.

His brother is absolutely fine; we also have three other adult cats all of whom are fine and healthy, so he can't have caught anything from them. A week ago he had his first vaccinations and is due his second set in three week's time. He has been indoors all the time.

What do you think this sounds like? Could he have picked up an infection from somewhere? I would have thought he would have the snuffles if so, no? And/or that his brother might be poorly too, which he isn't. Obviously if there's no improvement over the rest of the day, we'll call an emergency vet (it's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, so our normal vet won't be back open until Tuesday morning), but I thought someone here might have an inkling as to what's going on. Thank you for any input or advice. We've been cuddling our wee one all morning as he's sleeping, although I've now left him curled up in his kitten basket to give him peace and quiet.
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I'd have a vet look at him as soon as possible - sounds like he could have gotten into something poisoneous (like household cleaners)?
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I would call the vet ASAP. Kittens can turn a turn for the worst very quicky and need help to get better.
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That worries me. Sounds like when my little kitty got sick. It was almost over night. I would take it to the vets right away. Mine was wobbly and very warm to the touch. She had a fever of 105.5 when she got to the vets. She was hospitalized for three weeks. Its so important. And figure the worst they will tell you is that he/she is fine. You may be out a little money, but I would be more concerned about its health! Perhaps because of past experiences I am a little quick to say go to the vet, but it sounds dangerously familiar to what happened with mine, and I almost lost her! Let us know how it goes! Good luck.
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