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Nearly there!

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Hi guys! I joined your forum a little while ago and have kind of been lurking in the shadows. My cat floss is pregnant and now on day 55. Now that we are getting close to 'D Day' I'm getting a little nervous even though she is really fine in herself. She is very active still and not huge so she can groom herself quite easily. The kittens are moving about alot and I can feel movement in I think 3 different places. So maybe 3 kittens? I have her birthing box set up and she has been kept inside since she was 7 weeks pregnant. So its now a matter of waiting! Its like watching a boiling kettle!! Any advice from people that have already given birth would be great. What should I expect in the upcoming days ahead??
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My Cat Ziggy gave birth to her kittens 12 days after I noticed movement. It's hard to tell how many kittens she'll have just by looking until they are born. Ziggy had a big tummy on her but I thought she may only have 2 or 3 but she had 4. She is a very small framed cat.

Anyway. She gave birth silently to 2 of her babies under my sons bed. (Didn't realise til I saw them there.) The other two followed fairly soon after.

She hadn't shown any real nesting behaviour, other than being very relaxed for the last few days and just lying about. I didn't notice the 'mucus plug' which a lot of people on here talk about, but there was a lot of runny, slightly bloody discharge the night before as if her water had broken.

Thats all I can really tell you. Each cat is different. If you read some of the 'my cat is pregnant' threads, you may get to know the different experiences of different people. I posted one on here myself at the time about 2 weeks ago
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I only had Patience for 11 days before she gave birth, and I didn't notice any nesting behavior either. She ignored the cage I set up for her and instead would just follow me/sleep with me. Also, I didn't see any discharge or mucuous plug at all. Her milk might have come in but I didn't know what to look for with that so I can't be sure. I could, however, feel and even see the kittens moving, rolling and kicking. The last few days (like two or three), her belly became more lumpy than perfectly round, so I knew she was a lot closer than the 4-week estimate the vet gave me. =p The morning it happened though, it was still a surprise. =)

I was asleep in my bed and she woke me up by sitting on my head. I got up and saw her having contractions, and sure enough, a head was poking out her rear. I quickly put her in the cage and a few moments later, I had a kitten! She ended up having six and they're all happy and healthy. =)
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How can i upload pictures here?
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It says at the bottom that i cant post attachments? How can I change this?
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Are you using quick reply? Also, your pics have to be uploaded to another site and this site redirects to pull the images. Do you use Flickr, Photobucket or Picasa for your pics?
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HI I do use both photobucket and flickr, but it says in the little yellow box of posting rules in bottom left hand corner that i may not post attchments and it also says my HTML code is switched off. Any ideas?? Is it because i havent been a member very long? I have loads of pictures of the mum to be but i cant upload them. i really disappointed I have a question as well though..................... Floss is now on day 57 and today she has been acting a bit strange. Lots of scratching about and being quite restless. Also she rolled over onto her back and I noticed that her bits were very noticable and maybe slightly swollen? Is that normal?
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About the images, when you make a post or reply there should be a tool bar above the box you're writing your message in. In this tool bar is a yellow square with two mountains and a sun (or moon, I guess). Click on that, a box will pop up. Put the URL of your image in that box and hit okay. It will show up in your post.
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Well, I never noticed it in MY kitty, but I hear tell that their "bits" get swollen right before they give birth.
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Also she rolled over onto her back and I noticed that her bits were very noticable and maybe slightly swollen? Is that normal?
My last momma kitty started looking swollen exactly 1 week before she delivered.
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I'm glad it's normal then lol. Shes at day 59 now and is very lumpy. You can easily see the kittens rolling and kicking about in her tummy but i really cant tell how many she will have! When she walks about there are 2 big hard lumps either side of her belly so i guess she is definately having at least 2. I cant wait for them to be born now!!
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Hi all. Well today is day 60 and I am now officially on 'labour watch'. Floss is very well in herself, still eating little an often and sleeping loads! I have been looking back on previous posts and I think I know the signs to look for!! Its all very exciting, think i might have a few sleepless nights for the next few nights!!! On what day on average do most cats go into labour?
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Hi I have a question. I have been watching Floss for a while now and I've notcied that her bump has really dropped underneath her belly. While she was rolling around on the floor i caught sight of her lady bits but as shes black i couldnt see that well. So I parted her fur down there and saw that it was slightly open. I havent noticed this before? Is this ok? Is it normal?
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She keeps hiding under my daughters bed now. This isn't the behaviour i've seen in her before. Do you think things might be starting to happen?
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I think its time to get excited!!

Good luck with the delivery, hope you know what to do if you have to!!

Back to the pictures: on photo bucket you have a short list of 4 things you can do with them when you open them up. Click the bottom one which should start with IMG and it's called the IMG CODE. Copy that and paste it into your post. Be sure to put each image on a seperate line else they will all be next to each other. Also be sure to resize them to message board or smaller else they will be taken off.

Hopefully I've given you all the info you need to post pictures of those cuties when they are here!!
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Oh boy! It sounds like she having the first stages of labor!

Take lots of pics for us and keep us posted.
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hi ok i'll have to put 'operation labour watch' into action! She has come downstairs now but she is now hiding under the coffee table. The kittens are quite active. Everything is ready if it happens tonight!
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I'll have to sort the pic situation out so that i can get them up for you! I dont think her waters have broken yet though. She isnt leaking any fluid?
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You never know though, she might have licked it up before you noticed or it could be on the carpet under your daughters bed!! I only noticed because Ziggy sat on a jiffy bag!!

Try not to hound her unless she wants to be with you because it could delay it and make her very uncomfortable. I started watching Ziggy on her third kitten, and her 4th took ages so I think she wanted to be on her own, she also moved to the back of the bed more. - No matter how much she loves her Mummy!!

Good Luck!!!!!

PS Did you read my post about pictures? They are not considered attatchments because they don't link to anything. The poicture will just be there in the post. I've got that 'you may not post attachments' thing too, but those photos are okay.
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ahhhh i see i'll try it now, i have some pics of floss as she is now!
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Ok this is floss taken yesterday.

How many do u reckon?? lol
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Can't really say how many. Ziggy is a really small cat, her back is about 2cm from the ground, and proportionately she was the same as Floss and she had 4.

By the way, she has bared the fur from her nipples which is a sign that things are close. How long has it been like this? Ziggy didn't do that until after they were born, the poor little things had fur in their mouths the first time they fed.

Anything happened yet. I'll be here til the early hours waiting.
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no nothing, shes asleep on my daughters bed now. she keeps rumaging around places though. Her nipples have been like that for a good few days now.
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she is 60 days today
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Just wondering if you know what daddy cat looks like.

Based on your chocolate kitty, I would guess: 4 kittens, 1 x Brown 2 x Brown with white paws and bib, and one white with brown patches. Maybe 1 male and 3 female.

Have you tried to guess the colours yet?
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I believe the daddy is a tabby. So my guess is a couple her colour and a couple his. maybe 2 girls 2 boys!! lol We'll see, she definately has 2 in there, im certain of that!
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Ok, based on that I change my brown and white ones to brown tabby and white. Other than that, I stick to my guess.
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i cant wait to find out!! On what day did ziggy give birth?
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Couldn't tell you, didn't even realise she was pregnant til about 12 days before they were born when I noticed them kicking around. I did suspect but thought she was just finally filling out, as I said she is a really small cat

Any more signs? How is she doing?
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Hi No sign of any kittens as of yet! She spends all day lounging about while I follow her around like a idiot! She is 61 days now so i guess it is just a matter of time before they arrive. God I can't wait!
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