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New arrival not settling in

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Hey folks.

I have 2 female persians (well 1 half one pure) that I've had since i adopted them about 3 years ago. they are very soppy girls and very loving.

This weekend we agreed to take in a nautered 18 month old male who was
no being well cared for by his previous owner.

things aint going to well and I'd like all the advice you care to offer on settling the new fella in and keeping my girls happy.

Its not all out war... until he gets to close to them

all advice welcome thank you all

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You have at least another week and likely a couple more before things settle down (presuming they will at all). It takes time, and the 'girls' are probably put out by having their territory invaded, and by the fact he's a male, which to them might be a bit scary (and sometimes with good reason). Make sure you have 2-3 boxes, that everyone eats separately, that they all get attention and some quiet time in safe places (if that means closing doors while you're at work for a while, then maybe it's necessary). They'll probably come around, but a few days is not nearly enough time.
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Thanks for the advice

Had a couple scraps last night, the girls aren't being overly welcoming

Today they seem to have chosen a floor each, have made sure there is
food and water upstairs as well as downstairs so no one will go hungry.

Making sure the girls are getting lots of attention but this new little mad is very demanding!!

not seen any fights today, am preying the girls will accept the new fella in time.

Thanks for the advice, by boxes to you mean litter boxes or beds?

forgot to say the girls have always been house cats.... if they went outside they wouldn't last 2 minutes near traffic they are just too dumb!
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has this boy been tested too before he was introduced to your girls? realy they need weeks sometimes before they decide to get along or not. Just be patient and remember hissing and growling are all normal.
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didn't get the option to test was a bit of an emergency rehome local CPL out of foster space and the RSPCA a little full too so we agreed to take him and see how it went on the agreement that if it was all out war after 1 week that he'd have to go to the RSPCA for rehoming.

Thankfully not a warzone, just unsettled and I want to make it as stress free as possible for all of us!

had a peacefull evening so far, hoping it remains lol
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Litter boxes.
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When I introduced Greta and Misty I had a seperate area to keep Misty initially the first day until she was settled in the house. I then let her and Greta interact for varying periods of time, mostly until Greta was stressed out and needed a break from Misty. Misty was only 6 months old at the time so she wanted to play with Greta and would run at her and chase her in a playful way. There was some initially hissing from Greta since Misty was the invader, but it never got out of control. I would seperate them for 30-60 minutes so each had a chance to relax and seperate away from each other.

I gave each of them direct attention while they where seperated so the other could not see me giving the other cat attention and get jealous. After about 2 days I no longer had to give them timeouts from each other and at about day 5 they where actually sitting together. All in all I know I was very lucky that the introduction went as well as it did and now they get along great.
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