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Another pretty good day for Demetri, he won 5th best group 3 kitten (again! out of 22 kittens) and Reserve best of breed Burmese/Ocicat against 5 Burms.

His breeder says we'll have to rename him FifthBest
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Hehehe Demetrius the Fifth! Congrats though, fifth out of twenty two is pretty impressive.
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I have no complaints The top 4 changes judge to judge, he can come 5th forever if he likes
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That's great, but I like the Demetri the 5th...or maybe nickname him "High Five"????
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Another excellent result! Well done!

My Stevie is worst off than that if you want to compare - he was always 9th Best! Thank goodness his show career is over (he's granded, remember?) and he can now concentrate on making excellent babies!
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Congratulations to your young man! A fifth (of what?) might be in order to help celebrate!
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Congrats to Demetrius!
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Congrats!! I wish my boys could take 5 out of 22 These are signs of great things to come
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Thanks everyone
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