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You've gotta go do this

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This site is hilarious! Too, too cool! It's called My Virtual Model. Basically, this web site allows you to build a 3-D model of yourself. You start by clicking on the Female or Male icon...key in your height, weight, body shape, hair color, haircut, face shape, etc..

Then it shows you what you look like based on the information you submitted.

THEN you can add or subtract 50, 60, 70+ pounds of weight to the model you created it regenerates another view of your model IT will show you what you look like fat or thin...IT'S UNREAL how accurate it is! LOL!

Click Here

I am having bariatric surgery this year and one of the members at our support group gave us this link so that each of us can get an idea what we will look like 6 - 8 months (post op) after surgery.

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I love it! Jake freaked out at what he looked like and I was able to determine what I need to work on!

What is bariatric surgery? (if you dont mind me asking)
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Where have you been hiding? I've missed seeing The Fab Fur! I found that site before, pretty cool! Now, I just wished I could click and stretch my real bod to change at the whim of my computer mouse!

There is a local hair stylist that will take your pic and show you different hair cuts on the computer so you will see what you look like *before* they colour or cut it off!

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OH NO! I don't know if I could handle seeing myself online like that! I would rather think that I don't really look like I do!
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Well, that's one way to motivate me to exercise tonight! God that was horrible, but unfortunately accurate.

The good thing is that when I put in my target weight, it looked pretty good. Of course, then I had to push it and put in my high school weight. I don't think I ever really looked like that.
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Yeah Kim! Where have you been. Poor Ninners is having Spot withdraw! He's not seeing another kitty is he? Bariatric surgery is quite a drastic procedure. They actually have a precedure now called a Lap Band. I would check it out. It's at least an option. It's easily reversible also. I tried the vitual me. I really couldn't match it all to myself. I went to the Lane bryant site. That was so much fun trying on different clothes!
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Isn't that site too cool?????????? Kind of frightening how accurate they are...yikes!!!

Kiwideus and Nenners: Well, unfortunately I am an excellent candidate for this procedure and it truly is the last resort for me. My doctor was wondering what we were going to do next to address my problem. I am only 35 and I need to lose 80lbs.

I have been battling with this weight for over 10 years and because I have thyroid disease, (which won't allow me to metabolize) conventional dieting does not work for me....believe me I have tried everything...not to mention I have developed other problems due to the extra weight—like I now need foot surgery (bone removal) in both feet because I have developed spurs and tendonitis from walking on a treadmill overweight… (I work out 5 days a week, no positive results)

I researched the Lap Band and it comes with all sorts of complications that I don't want to deal with compared to what I am planning to have. My procedure is called the closed RNY . My surgery is laproscopic instead of open, less invasive. So, I will only have 10, or so, small incisions... still, the same amount of recovery time.

Granted, the RNY (similar to Al Roker's) is still major re-landscaping of my digestive system, but with my medical condition worsening and with my family history of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc...this is choosing the lesser of two evils. It's very dangerous, over time,so is Yo Yo dieting, as I have done and it's equally dangerous for me to be this big for another 10 years.

Actually, I am starting to get excited. My weight loss journey may take a while to organize, but it's worth the wait. My surgeon believes in lots of psych evaluations before undergoing this life changing procedure. I am meeting with people who have had this done (My really cool support group) and my psych evaluations have gone well... Granted it's scarey, but I'm ready to have my quality of life back.

Whew! Now that was heavy, huh? LOL!

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That is a GREAT site! The model didn't look much like but, but close!
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Kim, do what you need to do especially with all your health problems! Lap Band is relatively new, I don't know a whole lot about it. I just thought maybe you might want to look at something else. You really have researched it, and if you feel its right for you, then I wish you a safe and speedy recovery! It sounds like you are a real good canidate for this type of procedure.
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That site is SO COOL! Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your operation.
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Does medical insurance cover that? I had my gall bladder out lathroscopically it and only had 4 small incisions. The scars are minor and you cannot even tell that it was from that. Looks like a cat badly scratched the crap out of when it was spooked or something!
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carrie640 - Yes, my insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HMO (of Florida ) and it covers the procedure ONLY if it's medically necessary. I hear it can be complicated for some folks to be approved. Some insurance policies have exclusions written that absolutely will not cover this type of surgery.

The surgery is expensive (30k+) and Insurance Companies want medical records that document failed diet attempts of at least 12 months to five years that were supervised by a physician...letters of recommendation from any and/or all doctors that have treated the patient for problems caused by obesity—like orthopedics, podiatrists, chiropractors, OBGYN....the list goes on.....

Sometimes I think they want our 7th grade locker combination OR they won't approve the surgery EVEN if it is medically necessary... Insurance can be a very big issue for some people that need it even more than me. So far, so good for me in the insurance department.

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I just logged in and saw your reply (here and email!). One of my friends is going through exactly the same thing as you with the thyroid problems. She went to 2 doctors who told her that her thyroid was normal. So she worked out at the gym faithfully for over a year with no results. Then she went to a alternative doctor who said the previous doctors were wrong and she certainly did have a thyroid problem. She's on medication but her weight is a serious problem.

When are you planning on having this done? I know that I can honestly say we all wish you only the best & you will always have a great support group here.

If you feel comfortable with it, keep us updated. I'd be really interested to here about the procedure and your progress.

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*climbing up on a soapbox*

When are the insurance companies going to realize that it is better for our health and their bottom line to actually cover weight control? Whether that be nutritionists and physical trainers or drugs in some cases or surgery in some cases as a last resort? It has been proven over and over and over again that obesity is the DIRECT cause for so many health problems that will cost the insurance companies a lot more in the long run. Of course, these are some of the same companies that will cover abortions but not birth control.

*end of rant*

Good luck with the procedure Kim. I'm really glad your insurance isn't giving you the run around for this, since it sounds like it is medically necessary.
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I agree with you Heidi, I remember a few months back, the news had something about how if you joined a weight loss program, you could use it for a tax write-off, to encourage more people to lose weight. It doesnt make sense, insurance companies wont cover certain things, but you can write them off....
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