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Oh dear, spraying... smells... ewww

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Since it has been so hot and humid, I realized how awful my apartment smells like animals. Bowie has a spraying issue. I switched some things around in the bedroom and she came in to check it out and sprayed the wall. I can't believe how bad it is. I have too many cats for an apartment It is a large apartment but still.... I just wanted to rant a little bit. I am not really being fair to the cats though. Three of mine are really not doing well with so many other cats around. They are the most recent additions. I may try to find them a home where they can be around fewer cats. They are just too stressed out and stuff here. I don't know though. I am kind of at a loss as to what I should do.

Sorry to vent, just needed to complain real quick
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Cats seem to have their own limits in the number. Some don't like more then a few, others will tolerate a lot more. For the sake of all your cats, I think you would be wise to cut back and find homes for some.

If you are renting your landlord may not be really happy if you have spraying cats!
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im having the same problem , not with the smell but with a few of my cats not liking to many other cats in the same house.
sp i have a choice, i can either get in touch with the rescue who i was fostering for and i homed Gizmo and ask them to find him another home, and then find homes for Sophie, Chloe, mittens, wobbles, missy. who are all sort of *new*and that will put my total to 6 cats. or find homes for Forest and tigerlilly who are the ones who dont seem to like living in a multicat household they have been here since born and now over a year old.
i dont want to find any of them new homes , but i have to do what is best for them.
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If they'll be happier, then that's best, isn't it? Just think of it as the same thing as sending a kid off to college...
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yes that is what I am thinking. It is hard though. What a decision. If I lived in a house already and I can build an outdoor enclosure, that would be really cool. I know they would love that. the one cat who is not happy here would do so much better being outside, but it is too dangerous here with busy roads nearby. I have a hard time letting my one other kitty out, but she will literally destroy things to get outside if I don't. oh, we'll see. I would love to meet some nice little old lady who would like my himalayan kitty. He would be wonderful in a quiet home with an older woman, or man.
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