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Non-Cat Like Personalities

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Do your cats have very weird likes/dislikes that make them typically un-catlike? I'll list 5 things that makes Nakita a bit of a quirky cat

1. She hates all fish and meat.

2. She loves anything citrus: lemon, orange juice, limes.

3. The only human food she absolutely loves is potatoe chips and Greens+ nutritional powder (don't worry we just let her sniff it!)

4. She loves water. I will be running the faucet and she will stick her head under it and leave it there till she's almost soaked through!

5. She has never hissed or shown attitude (or cat-itude). But I'm giving it time, she's only 7 months. But she does 'chirp' a lot. I'm sure the translation would be: Hmm....This hotel is not nearly as good as it was rated!

What are the quirks of your cat?
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1. Will answer when talked to
2. Demands to be the only one in the bed with me (but she tolerates Darrell)
3. Refuses to drink water that is a few hours old.
4. Insists on being left alone when she's in one of her 'moods'.

1. Will answer when called
2. LOVES his belly scritched (but only by me)
3. Needs scritches for confidence to do many things and to feel included.
4. Greets you at the door with a wet kiss and "where have you been? Do you want something to eat? Can I have something to eat? Where are you going? Aren't you going to feed me?
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Asim: Will do just about anything I ask/tell him.
He will throw his food and water bowls at me to tell me he wants more.
He's as demanding as a new born babe, if I don't satisfy his every need he goes crazy and has a "trantrum" and by that I mean beats up his sister or pee's on something.

Tage: Drinks OJ.
Uses his kong like a dog would.
*sigh, I hate this town, and the local police... where was I*

Isha: Can not jump well at all, very ungraceful
Doesn't hiss, EVER. But she meows and growls.
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We've found out recently that Trent has turned into our official Guard Cat. If he's sitting in the window where he can see the stairs and balcony leading to our front door, he will growl and hiss at anyone coming up and toward our apartment. LOL He even hissed and growled at hubby when he came up one day. He also LOVES to have his tummy rubbed, by just about anyone willing to do it. He plays fetch (sometimes, when he wants to).

Ophelia is defintely a princess kitty.
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My male, Blueberry likes to give me a sandpaper bath after I put on bath powder. He also thoroughly "bathed" a section of the plywood platform for the Christmas tree. Neither of my cats will eat frozen fish fillets! I think they know something we don't!
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Boo is a complete klutz and not very good at jumping. He also loves to suck on peoples' ears and will drool when he is trying to persuade a reluctant person to let him suck a particularly succulent-looking ear.

Mojo has OFD-obsessive fetch disorder. He absolutely loves to fetch & will harass me to play with him.
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Hehehehehe all these answers just crack me up LOL!


Tatyana -

1. Eats fruit, all kinds! mango, peach, apple, grapes, watermelon, rockmelon etc.......and fruit yoghurts.

2. Loves sliced cucumber and peas.

3. Sits on my garbage bin next to the counter top in the kitchen with her paws on the bench and watches what I do till I give her a tit bit to eat and has to be involved when I do the dishes!

4. Runs like the wind to take a flying leap at my screen door or windows, will land right up the top then hang there looking at me or calling me so that I take her down then she does it again, and again, and again *sigh*.

5. Picks up a sheet of Newspaper (if we aren't quick enough) puts it on the floor and then takes runs at it so that she can slide all over the place, then she puts her toys under it so she can pounce on it and fight them.

Hayley -

1. As soon as any mobile phone rings she goes nuts! She runs from wherever she is to chirrup along with it and wants to rub against is and chew it! If she can't get to it i.e. the person is standing up, she will launch her self at them, clawing her way to the top! (we have lost a few friends LOL)

2. Will kiss when I ask for one!

3. Loves to help with massages and will pad, walk and sit on different spots of the body to do her own healing work!

4. Gets very caring when I cry and licks and pats my face and sits on me till I feel better! She puts her paws either side of my face and looks into my eyes until she is happy that I feel better then goes her separate way!

5. Doesn't like to eat if there are other cats scrabbling at the food bowls on matter how hungry she is, she waits until they are finished then she will eat when it has quietened down. I have to put more food down for her LOL She is very particular and won't eat a lot of things. Even when there is fresh meat on it's way if I give her a piece and one of the others rush forward she lets them take it!

Harry -

1. Big Sook, Head buts everything! Even table legs (hard).

2. Blows huge spit bubbles and shakes his head like a dog! (ewwww)

3. Is huge, heavy and fat and seems to be getting take out from somewhere.

4. Will eat everything meat/fish wise.

5. Sits on the bathroom sink and Meows loudly till we come running to turn on the water for him so that he can drink!

Okay That's enough *phew*

Some of these are quirky (in my opinion) and some not! :-)
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Fred will hook his claws in the front of my shirt, pull me down to him, give me a big sloppy kiss, then put the top of head up to be kissed.
He will sit by the heater and nod off sitting up. Then he falls over and stays.
He will sit smiling at the wall for hours. Then he falls over and stays.
He grooms the other cats so vigorously they smack him after a few seconds. He grooms himself constantly, but still looks like a raggedy old alley cat. He is scarred up and battered looking, even though he a spoiled lap kitty. He used to go outside, and loved to fight. He still thinks he's a tough guy.
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He will sit by the heater and nod off sitting up. Then he falls over and stays.
Is there such a thing as Narcolepsy for cats?
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ROFL, I had a cat, Gizmo, if he was just sitting there and you just nudged him on the shoulder, he would just fall right over. And go to sleep.

As for Peedoodle, lets see....
He has a sweet tooth and loves my vanilla cookies ,
he likes to play fetch,
he hates to be groomed, its a constant battle just to brush his hair which he needs every day,
he knocks on the door if someone leaves the house, and does it with one paw,
he doesnt get out attention by meowing, instead he does it by tapping our shoulders.

Thats all I can think of for now, I dont know about Kahu yet, we have only had him for a few days.
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Oh yeah, I wanted to add, that Asim will take food from my mouth. And Tage gives me full on hugs. He'll litterally stand up and wrap his front paws around my neck and snuggle me with massive head rubbies to my face and chin. I'll have to have my fiance take a picture of it sometime. It's just sooo cute.
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what funky cats we all have.
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I forgot one too. Trent gives us kisses. He puts his little muzzle right up to our lips and holds it there for a few seconds. He even closes his eyes sometimes. It's so cute.
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val: LOL all my cats do that too, specially Isha, it's so cute eh?
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Great thread!

Well, lets see about my two......

Neither Alf or Ronnie will eat any fish, unless it is covered in batter and comes from a fish and chip shop.

Ronnie sleeps on Julian's pillow when he is working away, but only after I plump it up for her.

Alf rattles the letterbox to get someone to come and let him in, and then says thank-you with a quick "ma" as he comes inside.

Alf likes his water to be mineral water straight from the fridge. He also likes ice-cream - vanilla being his favourite, with Ben & Jerry's chunky monkey running a close second.

Ronnie also loves the ring-tones from my moby, and will try and chew the phone.

Alf gives nose kisses, rubbing his wet nose against yours - lovely big wet cat-snot over your nose, mmmm!

Alf also is my extra alarm clock - if the alarm clock goes off and I don't get up, he will paw my face until I get up.
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flimflam: LOLOL Isha ATTACKS cell phones when they go off. Poor poor phones. She also likes to attack remot controls that blink when you press buttons. My poor phone and all the previous ones are soo mutilated! lol
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Rowdy likes to play in water. She will sit on the side of the tub, with her tail in the water. Usually, I have a glass of water, sitting on the table and Rowdy dips her paw into it and shakes it around. Last night, I was lying on the couch and suddenly I was being sprinkled. She was on the end table, dabbling in my water glass and shaking her paw.

I have some cute pictures (still in the camera, though) of her playing in the kitchen sink.

Puppy Pearl has started acting goofy, too. We had a little rain, this afternoon and she was biting at the drips, off of the patio roof. When she tired of that, she started biting at the ripples, in the puddles. Wet dog - Phewww!
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Ed will sit on the landing beside the front door and wait while I come in and give me a kiss (I say kiss and he raises his face for me to kiss his nose) and then leads me to the kitchen to ask for his supper.

He also hugs my husband's legs.
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