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Ok..who did it

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Who pulled the drain stopper and left the hole in the universe?

Scientists find enormous void in space
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That's crazy. Space is so amazing. Those pics were really cool
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Fascinating! First thing that occurs to me is that, if the idea of an antimatter-based universe adjacent to ours is valid, this void could be the spot where a major matter-antimatter collision occurred at some point.

SwampWitch, are you out there? What does your DH think of this?
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All right, I admit, I did it. It's all my fault.
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One consolation is that they measure in light years which means that a whole lot can happen in 5 to 10 billion years.

Because that void is 5 to 10 billion light years away, it takes that long for any light from there to reach us.

So that means that the hole that they are looking at now is based on what it looked like billions of years ago when the light (or lack thereof) left it and finally reached our eyes.

The stars in the sky are so far away from us that by the time the light from them reaches us so we can see them, many of them have already burned up and are no longer there, but we continue to see their light as stars because of the vast distance.

Astonomy is so facinating!
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Oh yeah, it's really weird when you think about looking at something thats billion years old.
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For once I think Freeway is innocent.
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That's hella cool. I've always been interested in astronomy...
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Sorry! I didn't know what that button did!!
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