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Kitties birthdays!

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I was reading about all of the kitties birthdays and was wondering about the ages of everyone's kitties. So I decided to start this thread to let people post pictures of there babies and tell everyone there ages. I like to see the differences in size and and age, so here are mine.

Here is Root who is now 9 years old as of June 23.

Here is Samba who is 3 years old as of August 22.

And here is our baby Tubee who just turned 1 July 15!

I can't wait to see everyone else's babies!

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No one want to post their kitties birthdays? I'm really interested, I only joined about a month ago so I don't know everyones kitties and I would like to know them. So please post, I want to know everyones kitties!

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Hi! So, here are Zoe and Tania, they are about 4 months old and they are two lovely siters!

Attachment 12566

Attachment 12567

I'm new too, by the way. I registered when I adopted these little furbabies. Yours are georgious!

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Your kitties are so cute! I saw your post about your kitty with the eye infection, I hope she gets better soon! Eye infections are no fun to deal with I know. Thanks for posting, lets keep it going!

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This is Easy the Mother to the rest of my cats ...... she's about 5.

Tino turned 4 in Feb.

Laura turned 4 in Feb.

Kiko turned 4 in Feb.

Ducky turned 4 in Feb.
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Awww! Your kitties are adorable! Thanks for posting! I love to get to know everyones kitties!

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Our Simon is just over a year and a half. His birthday is May 12.

Wick, my brother's cat (we had her for a year before he came back from Japan and took her back two weeks ago) is 13- her birthday is this month.

And our new kitty (no pics yet- she's too scared) that we just got yesterday is 2. Her birthday was in June
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Both those kitties are gorgious! I love Wicks coat, it's so pretty! Thanks for posting!

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Sophia is 8

Severino is 4

Joey is 4

Lucia is 8 months
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Thanks so much for posting, everyones kitties are just so cute! I sometimes think I love kitties too much, then I remember thats impossible!

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kuan yin is three and a half months old....

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My baby Ike is 4 months old

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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post

Severino is 4

My god those eyes are insane! Very very adorable!

Chablis is around 13, the vet guessed he was a 2 year old maine coone mix when we got him

Joey is about 5 I believe

And Kahlua just turned 3
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Can't post pics, but Blossom looks like the kitten in my Avatar when she was a baby except she has white feet. She will be one on Sat 8th. Coco my older cat will be 16 in Nov.
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Hi. Your kitties are adorable.

Here's Kuce. She's the current elder at 14 years old. We are unsure of her birthday.

Here's Luvbug. He's our 'middle child' at 7 years old. Like Kuce, we're not sure of his birthday.

And our younster Lil' Jag. She just turned 3 years old on August 6.
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Gordo is 7 years old

Princess is 4

Pitufo is 4

Tinkerbell is 10 months
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All of your kitties are adorable!!!! Thanks for showing me your kitties. Its surprising how much of a difference there is in size! Thanks again.

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