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squeaky meow

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Hey, has anyone ever had a cat that changed meows over night? One day he had his "normal" meow, the next day he was squeaky. He sounds as though he's losing his voice. It's weird. I'm kind of worried about him, he's eating fine and drinking and playing just fine. Anyone have any suggestions? Please let me know if you have any ideas what is the deal with this.

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How old is the kitty? I've heard of cats having different voices as they are getting a cold--the congestion or nasal goop changes the sound. In older cats, I'd probably look for signs of hyperthyroidism such as eating more, losing weight, drinking and urinating more, and poor coat condition--sometimes hyperthyroid cats experience vocal changes due to the location of the thyroid tumor. Also, in cats that have been meowing a lot, it's not uncommon for them to have a sore throat--my childhood cat used to sound pretty funny after he'd been stuck on the roof for a few hours (before we would get home to help him back down--he never did learn not to go up there).
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He's 2 and a half years old. I don't think he was meowing a lot before, although he is very vocal, but has always been. He's an indoor cat but the last few weeks i have been working and out of the house more, so maybe he's meowing when I'm gone. Or maybe he is getting some sort of cold, his eating habits are normal and his weight doesn't seem to have changed at all. I'll watch though, thanks for that tip.

I just wish I knew what was up with him and his squeakiness, I really am worried about him. If it continues I think I'll take him in on Monday or at least schedule a vet visit for next week. Poor thing!

Thanks for your ideas!!! I REALLY appreciate it!
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One of my cats occasiaonally completely but temporarily loses her voice for no apparent reason. My vet says that is not uncommon. I've read that cats sometimes permanently lose their voice for no apparent reason.

As long as he has no other symptoms and appears to feel fine I wouldn't worry too much. Certainly take him to the vet if you feel you should.

Oh and sometimes rather than losing it completely her voice just gets weak and "squeaky".
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