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Any of your cats eat lettuce?

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My cat loves lettuce. I could be having a slad with tuna or chicken and she will go for the lettuce, romain or baby greens of course. SHe also loves alfalfa sprouts too. Silly girl!
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My girl, Spaz, will eat literally anything remotely food like, and if she is unsure if it is food, she will taste it to see.
She didn't get her name for nothing
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When I was in my teens we had a cat that loved lettuce. She also loved cooked frozen mixed veggies...without butter.
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My mutty LOVES green beans and peas... I have no idea why. Always has.

I always give her some.
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Not the current ones, but I had a RB who would kill you for lettuce and a few Cornish rexes that would eat lettuce too.

Ling's pretty picky about people food. Charlie wants to sample ALL your people food - he's the only cat I've had that likes peaches, strawberries, plums and banana
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Aristotle is our lettuce eater. He has picked through the trash for some and even took some straight from Mom's salad a couple of weeks ago. He prefers iceberg.
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This is kind of cat, Possum, is siamese and he LOVES fried rice!
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Barkley and Petunia love human food, especially various smells whenever Im cooking. Barkley not so much but Petunia loves the smell of vegetables. They really love Rotisserie Chicken from the supermarket deli Petunia will start swatting if you dont feed her fast enough LOL!!
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One of my sister's cats also loved lettuce. My middle child Moose loves sauerkraut & Lucy loves Cheerios. I guess they're just like people with their preferences.
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This is turning into such a cute thread about all our cats little food preferences outside of their cat food.
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All of mine love lettuce, but Tabitha will pick lettuce over chicken or any other kind of meat.
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i have recently discovered that Indie will eat anything from cat and people food to flies and carpets!!!!!!!!! earlier i had a salad sandwich and Indie gobbled it when i went to fetch a drink. His fav people food is cheese and toast - he goes mad if i have it and don't share
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I've never tried to feed Zoey lettuce... She likes cheese, rotisserie chicken, and then she always gets scraps, from steak, pork chops, roast, whatever.
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My cats are little piggies, especially Aleister. When I have a cheeseburger, she'll come up and start trying to take bites right off the cheeseburger, usually I'll stop her, but often lately I'll wait till she's gotten a piece off, I just think it is so cute watching her try to rip into the burger.
Also, both Aleister and Faust love lettuce (iceberg) but Faust especially likes it. If I have Chicken Caesar salad, she'll grab a piece of lettuce, set it down in front of her, lick all the dressing off, then eat the lettuce. She will forgo the chicken in favor of lettuce, although I give her chicken after I'm done eating.
I thought my cats were unique because they love lettuce. Guess not!
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My kitty doesn't go for lettuce so far, but he does adore and go after in any way possible pure sugar. He will attack bags of sugar and rip them open, then sit on the pile of sugar like he's in heaven or even paw sugar out of your coffee cup if you leave it unattended for a second.

He is my first cat and only 7 months old, but my husband tells me this isn't too normal. Fortunately he has never managed to get more than a few licks before we catch him, but I hope sugar isn't harmful (I know chocolate is bad). The only side effect I've seen is an angry glare when we clean up the mess
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They say cats can't taste sugar but I highly disagree - I know Charlie likes sweet things
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My abys loved lettuce, green beans , asparagus, corn on the cob, and CANTALOUPE. Well one loved cantaloupe. The other HATED it!

And the ones I have now ... Lord Chewy is the 'loupe fiend.

My husband's cat a tortie Missouri Corn Cat (ie, free-bred maine coon look alike), like his Vegetarian Chili! And even lay on her back and burped afterward.

However, as cute and fun as it is ... as someone who is now on her SEVENTH cat with IBD , I would caution you to be CAREFUL!!! Do not irritate those little tumtums!!!! It is not only sad to have an ailing kitty, it is EXPENSIVE to buy the meds and special diets!
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My Gracie LOVES lettuce. She'll stand up on her hind legs and beg for it. It's her favorite snack, even more than turkey or tuna, the kind of things you'd expect kitties to love. If I'm tearing up a head or lettuce or opening a bag of salad and say "Who wants yummy lettuce?" Gracie will coming running from wherever she is in the apartment and beg for some.
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This is just too funny. I never thought when i started the topic I would get this many replys. I love all the stories of your kitties.

So my cat is no unique. We are having salad with dinner tonight, she will be happy. My other 2 cats dont care about lettuce. The like ice cream , thats not unusal though.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
They say cats can't taste sugar but I highly disagree - I know Charlie likes sweet things
Same with Petunia, I remember reading something a long time ago that said cats didnt like sweet things. Barkley not so much but Petunia loves cookies, cupcakes and especially those Hostess Snoballs.
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Sho loves sweets too. Not that we usually let him have them.
The last night he found a tiny piece of banana nut bread that my husband must have dropped on the kitchen floor. I saw Sho snatch something up and rushed over to get it out of his mouth, to find a piece of gooey bread.

The other day when this thread was started I was thinking "No... neither of them have really shown much interest in lettuces." Later that night I found a piece of half eaten, teeth mark covered lettuce on the floor. Must have dropped it, and apparently someone was munching on it.

Grossest thing yet - Two days ago I was sorting mealworm pupae out of my worm bins, setting them aside in a little container. I was digging through the grain and not paying attention to the container when DH said "Tomas is eating your pupae."
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Sweetie thinks she likes lettuce. She'll beg but when I give her a piece she won't eat it. After grocery shopping she begs for celery if I've bought any. I give her a few leaves which she nibbles on. However she goes crazy for strawberries. Not to eat, just to rub against the plastic container if I don't get it put away immediately. I know she doesn't belong on the table but she doesn't know it. This is a constant battle.
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Philly used to eat raw fresh broccoli, but has since outgrown that fettish. Daisy will devour cheese if it's left on the counter for a MOMENT. Besides that, the only other thing they both like is butter/margerine I found in an unfortunate mistake several months ago.

Daisy used to be a "eat whatever doesnt run away" type kitty, but since he's grown up a bit, he will only eat his food, and is nuts for tuna of course.

My childhood best friend "Gato" used to love to drink from my ceral bowl as I was eating it. I didnt care about the kitty germs as i was a child. I eventually taught him to eat from a spoon and everything. It was so cute!

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