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When kitties attack!

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Help !!!!!! My cat "YODA" has become the demon cat from hell. Not knowing alot about cats, my kids allowed him to bite and scratch there hands while they where playing with him. Now that he has gotten bigger he is constantley making sneak attacks on all of the family members and on unsuspecting guest. Every night now we sleep in fear of a suprise attack.I don't mind waking up to his sand paper tongue licking my soon to be bald head, but waking up to yoda attacking my hand like it was a play toy is killing me ...please help
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Hmmm. Well, can you close your door at night to your bedroom so he can't get in?
When he attacks is it that your hand is under the sheet, or your foot moving in the middle of the night, and he thinks that movement is something to play with?

Some cats just do the attacking your feet thing as a form of play. If you think your cat is going to do it, and you see him first, then either get him to do something else, call him to you, pet him etc, or startle him, most the times if you startle him he's like "doh! she caught me and broke my concentration!"

When he starts to attack hands again, stop playing with him or petting him say "OUch!" really loud, and then walk away and ignore him. If this doesn't work after a while you can put him in a time out and ignore him, but only for a little while.
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