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Cleo has a new home

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Little Cleo got a new home last night

It is the perfect home for her. The couple who took her in are young and Cleo is going to be a companion for the lady as she is a student whilst her partner works away a lot, so Cleo will get lots of attention from her. They have even invited me to come and visit her in the future as they only live round the corner from me.

Thanks for the help I got about her aggression on the behaviour forum, she improved no end which helped a lot in getting Cleo her first (and last) real home.
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Marie that is fantastic! Another foster success story. You're two for two now, right? You're doing such a great job with these kitties.

So when's the next one coming home?
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No idea at the moment, there are currently no cats on the waiting list, which considering that just after Christmas is meant to be a busy time is fantastic news.
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Hey Marie, have some of ours! CP in Reading is inundanted, AND the co-ordinator's garden is currently underwater due to the Thames flooding, meaning all her rescue cats had to find other places to reside.

Just you wait though. A lul usually means a mad time is just around the corner!
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Marie, you are so my hero!!!!! Gary and I just can't seem to get it right - although we're not fostering for a shelter, we're trying to adopt out feral kittens we've socialized outside. But I digress...

You are an amazing and wonderful kitty mum, and I know you must be so sad when they leave.... but they are so blessed to have been with you!!!!!!

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