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Young Cat in Heat

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Hey...I'm new...with a couple of questions...we have two kittens, born April 18th, and one of the kittens (YumYum) is apparently in heat. (Overly affectionate, putting her hiney up high in the air, oozing clear fluid from her vagina....)

So the questions are...(I plan on calling the vet Monday morning, but...I don't want to wait that long for input):

1. Is it normal for kittens to go into heat this early (4 months)?
2. Can they be spayed while in heat, or do we have to wait for it to subside? (We had planned on 6 months...)

Also...the other kitten (CoCo) hasn't shown the same symptoms, but she was licking YumYum's hiney, and "making out" with her like the boy cat would...(grabbing her by the scruff of the neck, mounting)

Are my cats lesbians? Or is that normal too?
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Yes ... 19 yrs ago I learned that my 14 week old kitten was in heat ... Yes she can be spayed in heat though it costs $$$$ more

not sure on the hiney lick , other than many cats groom each other
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I have been lucky no early heat kittens...tho one 3 month old boy had..."ideas" lol. Have seen studies that the weather(if you have air on vs natural heat, to much artificial light and also saw once about weight and age of entering heat) all affect them going in...as well as genes I would take her in right after its all over..as shes likely to experience a few more before a 6 month spay date. as for the butt sniffing I must ask you sure its a girl sniffing? the mom cat I had sniffed her girls in heat but only the boys sniffed(all neutered and all thought it was a great chance to further their underdeveloped skills
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From what I've read on this board, it's not uncommon for females to go into heat at 4 months, though I have never had that happen myself. I did once have a pair of older girls here, and one went into heat before they were spayed. The other one did just what you describe your kittens doing, and she also licked her sister's face and neck. I've read that they sometimes do that when there are no male cats around.

You can get her spayed while she's in heat, but personally I would just make an appointment for a week later. She should be out of heat by then.
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Yes its possible for a kitten to be in heat at 4 months. Usually doesn't last as long as a normal heat, but she could get pregnant if bred by a male.

And yes you can spay in heat - just cost more.

And sometimes a female in heat will trigger the "mating" actions of both male or female. Your cats are not lesbians
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I really don't have an answer to your questions...but a comment on your kitties names. Are you, by chance, a big fan of The Mikado? It's my favorite Gilbert and Sullivan operetta! I even volunteered on the costume committee one summer for the G & S workshop at our local theater.
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Thanks for the responses...YumYum seems to have calmed down a bit...but I'm still calling the vet tomorrow. I'm sure that CoCo is female...although I was squinting at her bottom and second guessing my ability to tell the difference.

My husband and I are fans of Lilian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who...." mysteries. The stars of the books are siamese cats named CoCo and YumYum.
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Oh yeah, I love those stories too
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