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Hello effuryone!

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My name is Denise and I am owned by 3 cats and a dog. Emma is appr. 12 y/o and she's been with me 10 yrs. in April. I adopted her from a shelter. Lexi is appr. 1 1/2 y/o and I've had her about a year now. She came from a friend's barn kitty litter. And Holly is appr. 8 mos. and she was a foster that I couldn't take in. She was a stray I took in with the intent to have the shelter take. When they said last week they had room for her, I couldn't part with her. She's been here about a month and a half. Buddy is an Aussie mix who is about 4 y/o and I adopted from the shelter about 3 mos. ago. He is a complete sweetie and I'm glad I made the decision to finally get a dog. I enjoy posting on BB's and reading about other ppls kitties and learning new things about animals. And seeing pics! This looks like a nice board with lots of fun stuff to use. I am an AcmePet refugee. Thanks for reading!
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Hello! This is indeed a fun site and everyone is soooo friendly. There are lots of topics over at the lounge that you will like!


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I remember reading about Holly on Acme. Glad to hear you decided to keep her.
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Welcome to the site Denise! Your furry family sounds just purrfect. Even the dog. Even though this is a cat site, we really love all pets and animals so feel free to talk about and post pics of Buddy too.

Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Glad you made it here!
this is a great site!

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I really like this place -- it reminds me of home.
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Hi and welcome! What happened to your website guys - did it close down or something?

Anyway, glad you found The Cat Site. With so many active and loyal participants I'm sure TCS will be here for many years to come!

The more the merrier!
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suddenly with an hour or so notice. They had done this in April, but we all bombarded them with email and they reconsidered. This time they didn't give anyone a chance to attempt to change their mind.
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Glad you've joined the site What was Acme anyways? Another pet site?
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Welcome to TCS and enjoy your stay!

Post some pics of your cats when you get a chance, we would love to see them!

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We're glad to have you here! We all love pics! Send some soon!
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Hey! Nice to meet ya!
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