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Please Help!!!

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My cat tigger refuses to use the litter box. Now I have delt with this issue for about 7 months now but now I have been given the ultimatum by my girlfriend to either train him or get rid of him. I DO NOT want to get rid of him, and I have tried endlessly to train him. Any ideas on what I can do? Training tips? Thank you!
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It would help to know where he is doing it - one place, diff. places, similar places, etc. Is he neutered? How are you dealing with the odors? What kind of litter are you using? Is it a covered box? One or two boxes? Anywhere near his food?
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He actually doesnt have a preference where he goes, its all around the house but the majority of the time its in the bathroom on the bath mats or in the bath tub. I have two litter boxes spread out in two different bathrooms. I use tidy cat multi-cats as litter. the boxes are not covered. he is neutered. currently I am spraying a bit of alcohol on the spots where he goes to eliminate the oder hoping that he doesnt return to that place. Thank you for your help!
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Alcohol won't help anything... get Nature's Miracle, an enzymatic cat odor dissolver that works better than anything else available. Your cat may be like some other male cats who prefer a flatter surface rather than litter, though trying other types of litter (one is "Cat Attract") may be worthwhile. Sometimes cats will use the upside-down lid of a Rubbermaid plastic bin (about 30" x 20") if a very little bit of litter placed closed to a regular box can work, at least for urination (though you'll have to clean it up of course), and if you can encourage him to use such a place (once odors from other locations have been dealt with) it might work to some extent. It is VERY important also to have your vet check him for any urinary problems as they're common in cats and can certainly account for problems like yours.
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I'm assuming that if you have been dealing with this for 7 months, that you've had him vet-checked to ensure he doesn't have a urinary tract infection or crystals. If not, that would be the first thing I would do.

The cat attract litter as suggested above is a good one. I've heard good things about it. Are his litter boxes kept cleaned - scooped at least once per day?

You do have to use something like Nature's Miracle to get ALL the smell out of the inappropriate places he has been going to the bathroom, otherwise he'll just keep going back to those places. If you have carpeting, it may be a good idea to have them professionally cleaned and tell the cleaners that you want them to use something to get cat urine smells out. They'll have something specially for that.
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try diffrent types of litter and see which one he likes if that doesnt work then raise your voice when he poos and try to stop him or move him outside.
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