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My youngest kitty, Mooooo, will not let me fold laundry. Just as soon as she sees me with a laundry basket full of things to fold, she starts meowing. When I start folding something, she lays down on that piece of clothing and meows really loud when I try to move her. She also attacks all of the socks and tries to hoard them in a corner where I can't get them. It's pretty funny. That's really the only game she likes!
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Barkley does the same thing! He loves warm towels right out of the dryer and socks, he thinks they're toys!
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Mika is our daughter's cat and very affectionate with her and nice but not as affectionate with us. However, laundry time and Mika changes into another cat. She sits at my feet in the laundry room and makes her little "huffing" noise for me to pick her up. I put her on the dryer on a towel and she literally walks back and forth rubbing her head against my arm, my face, whatever. We call her laundry kitty here.
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How sweet! Boo is a laundry kitty,but she doesn't like the dryer. She's fascinated with watching the washer fill up with water and seeing the clothes agitate. She'll sit and watch the water, turn that little head sideways then look up at me like she's saying "gosh that's cool!"
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Luna likes clothes out of the dryer. It's strange. She's very aloof but when you have clothes from the dryer on the bed, she's right there, sitting on them, talking to you apparently telling you how much she likes them because she won't move for you to fold them.
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