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How often should grass be cut?

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Ok so 2 weeks ago my landlord asked if I could help him out with the lawn care out here. He has been working the graveyard shift plus lots of doubles. So there are 5 lots out here and I get paid 100 per time I mow the grass. But we never discussed how often. He just wants me to keep it nice out here. It takes me 3-4 days to get all the lots done (push mower and all). I did the grass last time on the 13-14 and 15th of this month. Well we got some rain a day or so ago and the grass really spurted and needs to be cut again. So I was gonna start on that Monday. Is that to soon? Should I wait a few more days or another week before I cut? I don't want it to tall or thick when I go to cut it. So should I start it Monday or wait?
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Grass has a 1/3 mowing rule. You should only cut 1/3 of the grass blade, leaving 2/3 of it untouched.

Weather and time of year also area factor.

Scroll down to the area of "How Often should I Mow the lawn." There are some good tips about time and frequency.

Here is another link.
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Ufortunately if you live somewhere like I do ( very wet Florida ) the grass grows FAST. If it took you 3-4 days to finish all tht lots here, you'd probably be starting again as soon as you finish!

If it rained, and it got high again, I think it's time to start again...but ask him about the frequency, since he is the one paying you.

I had a similar problem with some house cleaning I did for a friend's family...the house would need it pretty often, but I only did it 2 times a month, so it wouldn't cost her too much!
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If its not raining I'd start on Monday. You kinda cut it depending on weather. When we had the weeks of no rain, you didn't cut at all (a lot was brown). But then we got a week or so of rain and DH just cut it the other nite. We have 3 bushel baskets of grass clippings we need to take to the town compost area.
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Jarvis I live in South Ga.

I think I will cut Monday. Right now it looks like we have more rain coming and I know the grass is gonna spurt more after that. I when I call the landlord after its done I will just tell him I didn't know how often to cut it but it was getting tall so I just cut it. And if 2 weeks is too often to just let me know and I will cut it every 3 weeks.

I think I got my dads genes for hating grass that gets even remotely tall. When I was younger and lived in Fl with him it was every week and a half it got just a little tall he had me cut it because he could not stand the height. 2 weeks id about the longest I can hold out before I will cut because I can't stand seeing height on the grass. This is why I started cutting mu own grass here.
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Weve had quite a bit rain off and on so mine gets cut once a week.
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I think if you cut it like maybe once a week or week and half that would be good- you can probably make it stretch until doing it ever 2 weeks. But, every 3 weeks seems like the grass would be really long. The best way to find out is to call and ask the landlord.
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Heh, not far at all! I'm in Gainesville...

Yeah, grass is ridiculous here...fortunately I get away with not doing very much yard work...i'm a crafty one
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The landscapers cut and edge ours once a week, but the complex has an automated, daily sprinkler system.
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Ours is generally cut every 2 weeks at the most. If it grows enough, every week.
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Well today was the fist time it was cut in August-prior to that was once in July!!
Thank the drought for that.
The one 1/3 rule mentioned before is correct for a rule of thumb for grass mowing. So from the information you have provided its going to be at least once a week if not once every 5-6 days.
But I would keep track of how many hours its actually taking you. If its more than say 18 hrs I would ask for more money-remember even though he is paying you cash minimum wage is $6.50/hr.
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i have always heard to cut it every 1 1/2-2 weeks, in my sig is a great gardening site.
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Well called the landlord today and he wants it done once a month. A little to long a wait for me but ok. So I will start mowing the 10th of Sept.
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