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%$*&%^@ neighbours children!

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We moved into this house June last year, after 19 years in the other house. We thought we hit the jackpot with a house we didn't have to repair, or at least not as much. And no huge yard to look after. There are a few repairs that need to be done, which is fine, make the garden pretty, but now, after just a year, we are trying to save and move again. All this stuff that's happened, none of us have the interest to make the garden look nice (it's not overgrown and yucky, but things like weeding and pruning a little more, putting in more plants)

Apart from the people who EVERY WEEK set off fireworks in the street late at night, idiots playing their drums early in the morning, a kid over the road who has this lowriding tricycle with plastic wheels instead of rubber, so we can hear him everywhere he goes, for hours and hours those plastic tyres griding past our house (we are on a corner). A guy who rides his dirt bike up and down the street at 2 in the morning.

The main problem we have is with the people who live behind us. Over the fence there are three units, the front house (which is opposite us) is quiet and fine. The last house the only noise they make is revving the car for EVER in the mornings...which is ok now that i hear it keeps stalling lol. The house in the middle is the one who right royally sh*ts me to tears.

Apparently atm this womans bf/hubby is away on holiday and that is another story (that's actually her quote) she has i think 3 children, one of high school age who has ALOT of problems at school and apparently isn't very bright when it comes to common sense. The other two are younger. Alot of times they've kicked the ball into our yard, or onto our garage, and instead of coming to our door, they try climbing over the fence, or cut through our driveway just for the hell of it (we have a driveway that enters one side of the house and goes down the side to the other onto the road, but now we've had to block the middle of it with a huge bunch of branches we pruned months ago to stop trespassing).

The thing is, they have no backyard to play in, they do this in the narrow driveway that runs along the 3 units. There are two parks a minute walk from us, and then three school ovals a bit further out! The mum is always banging doors, yelling at her kids, and last week i saw her walking past our house swearing her head off, with her little kid next to her!! (ie: this and that)

So far its been about 3 or 4 times she's come to our house for 'help' she needed to use the phone....she can't pay the rent on her mobile...(who knows how she can afford to look after 3 children and 3 cats but not a phone she doesn't need!?!?!?) she used our home phone to call a mobile number, told dad she needed her phone book or something, ran back to her house, came back about 20 mins later and the whole time she left our phone ON on the mobile call!!!! She said the next day she would send her little girl around to give us money for the call. Never happened, that was months ago. She's taken advantage of us other times, knowing someone will be home and that we don't drive. So now if she comes to the door, we ignore her (we have a peephole) there are a million neighbours, and we are the newest. Why couldn't she go to someone else first?

So i was in the bathroom when this happened a couple of hours ago. Apparently two kids were trying to climb over our huge metal side gate to get a ball from our backyard, mum and dad saw them and screamed at them, so they came to the front door to ask for their ball. Mum and dad reminded them that if they need something they ASK. This is our property, we own it, it's private, they are trespassing. The gate that we have, if the kids had actually reached the top, they would have broken something, or died and then we'd be the ones in a sh*t because of their sheer stupidity.

My mum gets so stressed. She works full time in the city, as a legal secretary. She travels to and from there by bus/train and it's always full and busy, it's a long trip both ways, and if something runs late she can't afford to be late to work. When she hears some sort of commotion, she gets really upset, she can't relax on the weekends, the days she needs for herself!!!

I don't know how to help. This dumb of a woman has no control over her children, i've seen her around, but properly met her a few months ago when her kitten (looked only 4 months old) escaped from her house and hid in our yard. We had to tell HER the cat was here, she was sitting at home instead of looking for it. I sat there for ages trying to coax it with gentle talking and food, it was getting dark and it was hiding amongst the grass. This kitten was from her own cats, wasn't desexed or anything. Only when we suggested she NEEDS to have it desexed and get it registered at 6 months did she think it was a good idea, she said 'oh well i properly should now that my cats has her second litter'. The kitten was absolutely scared out of its wits, and when she picked it up, it freaked out and tried as best it could to push away from her and scratch her to escape. She sounded like a simple woman, dressed and spoke like a child, when i'm guessing she was in her 30s...she has CHILDREN!!!...ffs

I'm so sick of these people!!! If something happens with that woman and her kids again i swear i'm going to slap some common sense into her!! I'm so sorry if this all seems stupid, but i am fuming, and had it up the my eyeballs with morons who don't THINK!!!!!

Oh did i mention the brother/sister duo who accosted me at the bus stop months ago talking about getting knocked up at 13, wanting me to see his sisters boobs, asking me to be a godmother, asking me how do i like sex with my boyfriend, that their mum is a hooker and is dating twins half her age, that they are completely in love with themselves and that any man and woman would LOVE to be them?? and it turns out they really were not pretending to be dumb incestous hicks. The brother saw me at the train station a couple of months later and i completely ignored him, he and his sister ended up following me 5 train stops and a bus ride to the shopping centre just so i would talk to them!!!!

Why ME!?!?!??
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Wow, you have very colorful neighbors. (sorry)

I can totally see this as a dark comedy movie. You are the one with the room facing the backyard and one day you just can't take it anymore and purchased a sniper rifle. One by one, the neighbors are no longer to be seen, no one comes over to borrow the phone, no more damn kids over the fence, no more plastic wheels..etc. Now, Mom and Dad are very happy and relaxed. I would watch it.

No, I am not promoting killing off kids.

Seriously, the kids over the fence can be a serious legal issue for you all. What if the parents are purposely telling their kids to trip and fall in your yard? Can never be too careful in this world.

sniper rifle...mmm.... just kidding.
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Oh believe me, i am not feeling like much of a lady atm. And i completely agree with your idea. I'm actually in a worse mood now because of my father.

I was in the office talking to mum, dad got annoyed and put his earmuffs on so he couldn't hear me. All i did was gently poke the earmuffs about 3 times, he turns in his chair and grabs my arm really hard. I wrench my arm from him and he does it again. I tell him to stop and that it hurts. He says i deserve it. I walk out of the room in a huff and mum is asking what is wrong, and she was in the room! I tell her i barely did anything to him and that he hurt me, he yells out for me to stop whining and that i am a moron!!!!!

I do one silly little thing, and instead of him telling me to stop or to bugger off, he hurts me and then when i tell him, he belittles my intelligence!!

I want him dead

This is me, 23 year old, looking for work, can't move out, and he has no legal right over me now. If it was legal, i would punch him in the face right now, but i'm not allowed. And what he does to me mentally and emotionally isn't enough to send him to jail! All i want is an apology, but he never apologises for what he does. He always says i am whining if my feelings are hurt. I can never win!!!
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That makes our apartment complex sound quiet and peaceful (even with our neighbor's thumpy music downstairs).

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Oh wow - what a mess! We have quiet as a mouse neighbors!

Anyway, why isn't the police dealing with the noise problems?

If you wind up selling and moving again (so sad) I strongly suggest you do some of these things:

1. Get a police report on the neighborhood (or talk to the dept and ask if there are a lot of problems, what type of calls, noise problems (tell them briefly what happened at your other house).

2. Drive thru the neighborhood a few times on different days/times to see what kind of neighbors are there, kids, etc.

When we were looking at houses, we drove to see them on a Friday/Saturday evening when you would get most of your "parties" going. Also check how close the schools are (elementary/high school) to the house for potential kid problems.

And if possible put up a higher fence (wooden) to enclose your property.
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That sounds like my nightmare.
Coincidently, I was on another site I frequent and someone had posted this, I thought, if nothing else, you might find it amusing.
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I get a half meow half human scream or moan or something every night. Trust me, it's some animal. Probably a cat catching a rat outside. But every night it happens and we are so baffled as to what it is!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Anyway, why isn't the police dealing with the noise problems?

And if possible put up a higher fence (wooden) to enclose your property.
We reported neighbours once of twice before, but nothing happened. The people next to us who i can see out my window had thumping music after 11 at night (that is the curfew). I stayed awake a couple of hours, hoping it would stop. I call the police (who are not very far from us), they said someone should be there in half an hour. An hour passed, the music stopped for one minute, then started again. I could clearly hear the lyrics, the music was coming from the lounge which is on the other side of the house!

We don't have a car so driving randomly around the streets is not possible. And we can't ask the real estate agent late at night to take us around.

We barely had any money left when we moved here, the fences were falling apart, so we got them redone. They are about 7 feet tall. Kids can still climb because their side had the posts we have the paling side. The gate we have is ugly as sin, its attached to bricks, it's metal, and topped with ratty old lattice. If the kids managed to climb over that, either the gate would have fallen over, or the lattice would have come off and their heads would have gone straight into the concrete. The front side of the house where the driveway leads out has no fence, as we have solid hedges which are REEALLY high. The front of the house has no fencing in front of the garden, we wanted something nice like a black or green low fencing just to stop people wandering in. We don't have much money left after the stamp duty and estate agent fees and removalists.

What annoys me, it's my father who was disinterested in coming to look at houses, he said he'll just leave the decision up to me and mum. Mum also wanted 2 bathrooms, as in the last house we had one and it was a pain. If it wasn't for that, the other house we looked at would've been perfect (the door opened to a toilet and bath/spa in a really tiny room)

Pretty much we're right royally and the noise that is made is normal noise, half of it the police probably wouldn't care about. It doesn't matter how many times we can call them, the neighbours wouldn't care.
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I can't begin to go into the problems we've had with neighbors, and we've lived in NY, Nevada and now Florida. We both agreed that our ideal home will be set in the middle of a 10+-acre property, and we're always looking on in the Carabbas County, NC area. The trick is NOT to have neighbors right on top of you, and that is our goal.
Believe me, I know what you're going through!!! It is NOT fun.
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It sounds like you picked a not so nice neighborhood to move into. Hopefully you'll be able to save up and move out soon. I wouldn't be able to deal with people like that either.
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