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Anyone seen Premonition?

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Has anyone seen the movie Premonition with Sandra Bullock? I just finsihed watching that this evening and I'm lost. I understand that she "saw" her husband's death but I don't understand why the events were so out of order nor do I understand the ending. Does anyone understand this movie and can you please explain it to me?
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Oh good lord I hated that movie.

My perception was, she went to talk to the priest about why this would all be happening and he told her "god has his plan and ways".

Subsequently, she tried to fix things with her husband, they made love that Sunday.....

He still died.

But she was pregnant.

The pregnancy and them creating a child in love was God's plan.
He was destined to die and all was meant to be fixed before it happened.

That's what I took from it.

The part that REALLY annoyed me though, is that when she went back to that Sunday, WHY didnt' she put the stickers on the window so her daughter never would have cut her face up like that? She changed other things, why on earth would she not change that? That would have been top priority IMO.

Oh and apparently she owns neither a calendar or any form of recent technology besides a telephone. She kept getting confused with days and not once did she refer to a calendar.

I really didn't like that movie.
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ok i didnt read this thread, but i do really want to see this, just i havnt got around to buying it yet. i cant belive its not a good movie??? i have loved everyone of her films (well not her films but films she was in) she is one of my fav actress.
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I know I love her too , and rented it the day it came out...and it was seriously a waste of my time.

I'm not picky when it comes to movies, I'm a psycho-movie-freak...but man, that movie was bad.
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I actually liked the movie, it was just hard to follow. And yes it did have its holes, like why she didn't put stickers on the window after she knew it was going to happen. None of us could figure that out either.
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I didn't get it either. Big sis, lil sis, & a few of my friends were confused, too!
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I liked it. It took a little bit to understand, but it was good after.
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I was so disgusted with this movie. The plot seemed to be an arbitrary guessing-game, just an effort to keep tricking the audience without regard to what constitutes a good story.

And the only way they could make the ending work was to have Bullock's character do something incredibly stupid at the critical moment. They wanted us to be horrified and gasp, "Oh no, don't do that!" but for me, at least, it was more like, "Oh, gimme a break, you're not that dumb."

And the pregnancy thing... sheesh. I think somebody must have written it as a tearjerker romance, but then they tried to film it as a mystery, and it just didn't work.
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