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Pets and their owners

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They say that pets and their owners begin to resemble each other. Pearl is picking up my bad habits.

This morning, as usual, I stumbled out to the patio, coffee in hand and fired up my first cigarette. Pearl was cavorting around, wanting to be petted. So far, a normal morning.

I set my coffee down, next to the ashtray. Pearl slurped up a sip of the coffee and, then, snagged a butt, out of the ashtray.

Four months old and already going for the caffeine and nicotine! I'd better keep the Jack Daniels' out of her reach!:LOL:
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Thats too funny! LOL
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lol I think you are right! I had Angel since she was a kitten and she turned out to be pretty arrogant...only wanting things to HER convenience...was very particular...and was anal-retentive about her grooming. My mother always told me, "Look who raised her!". I was an only child (still am!) so that was pretty much me!
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LOL how cute. Asim and Tage always go for my keyboard and mouse.

mmm smoke....
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Heh, I have to be careful not to leave cigarettes around. I smoke only outside, but occasionally I'll get distracted on the way there and set it down... Jorin LOVES to chew on them.
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chew on them? Ewwwww, my cats don't like the smoke they run when they see it. Asim used to walk right up to a lite cigarette and burn his nose on the cherry because he was trying to sniff it.
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Pearl is teething and she chews on a lot of things, that she's not supposed to. I bought some bitter-tasting spray, for my chair cushion - she LIKES it!

We have provided rawhide bones and rubber chew toys but, she has destroyed three patio chair cushions and has been taking chunks of stuffing out of the dog bed. Fortunately, she doesn't chew the sofa cushions. I've been buying cheap cushions at the DAV store because those plastic chairs are cold on my butt.

I used to leave my cigarettes outside but Pearl eats those and they are WAY too expensive, to be doggie treats. She can't chew up my Zippo lighter but, she DOES drag it out into the yard. It comes inside, too.
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I haven't found a real effective chewing toy for a cat. But I have noticed that they seem to like to go after furniture to distroy, munching on the arm of a chair.... clawign at carpet till those fishing line strings pop up, and then they chew on those.
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That is TOO FUNNY!!:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

I have a mental image of her reclining in a patio lounge-chair, smoke in one hand and coffee mug in the other!!
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Sassyfras, its not too far, off of the mark - Pearl DOES curl up in my patio chair. Ike does it, sometimes and he's much too big, for that chair!

We bought a big doggie bed, for the patio. I thought that the concrete was too cold for them, this time of year.
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