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Got a New Abandoned Cat

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I live in an area where there are a lot of abandoned/stray cats. Too many people just put their cat out when they decide they don't like it anymore or its too much trouble or they move and leave the cat behind. It is very disheartening. The poor things can't defend themselves and are totally lost. We have already taken in one beautiful orange cat 5 yrs old who was badly hurt - big infected cut on chest- got him to a vet, and my friend adopted him and he is lovely. But now we have 4 cats in the house. We leave food out for the other cats, and there was one very friendly little guy (unneutered of course, 8 months old) who came regularly, and seemed to have lost a lot of fights, scars all over his nose. By talking to some of the kids in the neighbourhood I found out who he belonged to and that he had been put out - they got a dog and didn't want him anymore. I tried to have the Humane Society take him in but they said since I know who he belongs to, I can't bring him in, the owners have to surrender him. The fact that they have put out on the street doesn't count. I brought him in to sleep in the sunroom for safety. I can't afford the cost of neutering, vaccinations, deworming etc. - in my town that would be about $600. But, got in contact with ARK (Animal Rescue Krew) and they have offered to have all that done if I agree to adopt him for $80.00. So I've got another cat. He's very sweet, but follows the other cats around and they are not too happy about it, they hiss and even slap him, but so far they haven't put out their claws. But Max, the 5 yr old has suddenly started peeing outside the litter box, something he never did before. Going to get some Feliway as I have heard its good for cat anxiety. Sorry, such a long message. Has anyone here used the Feliway plug ins for this kind of situation. Will it make a difference when the new guy (un-named so far) gets neutered. Any advice welcome.
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Oh you are such a good hearted person so you have taken him in. yes?to keep him as your own?The feliway is excellent and well worth the money even though it is very expensive once you've bought the plugin the refil is cheaper but i found you can eek out a bottle when its emty by filling the emty bottle with water,it does work for a couple of weeks extra The slapping is your cats way of asserting his dominance over the new cat,once he learns his place he will settle in ok with the others when you get the feliway the peeing should stop but if it doesnt just come back and let us know so we can try some other technique.
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I agree with Nighcats.

The slapping is a fostering method cats have with family members. It shows he is already more or less accepted - now he must only to learn to behave and know his place.

Yes, the Feliway is very often just what you need. It should also be better once your new cat is neutered, precisely like you believe. (prob not immediately but some time after)
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