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A Couple Questions

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1) I've taken in a stray (is currently in the humane society) that has its claws - all cats I've had before my parents had declawed. I'm going to keep this kitty's claws but have a question that I haven't read about before. What do you do to save your litter box liners?! I scoop her litter box every day (sometimes twice a day) and would change it once a week. But when scooping I noticed a whole bunch of holes in the liner from her burying. Is there anything I can do to save the liners to make them last an entire week?

2) I will be moving in a week with the stray (maybe 2 years old?) and my 15 year old cat. They haven't yet met, and I'm moving into a house already with two cats (1 - 3 years old). Is there some way of lessening the stress other than feliway (is the feliway safe to use around finches?). The 15 year old wont care very much about the others, but I'm worried about them beating her up (my brother's kitten did and she wont fight/play back). The other three have claws, she doesn't.

That's all for now. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Liners are actually not a great idea.
I don't use them, and I don't recommend anyone do. If you're scooping daily and cleaning the box out and sanitizing it weekly, there shouldn't be a need for a liner.

They may seem easier for the owner to clean the box out, but they are very unsanitary for the cat, as urine and feces can get trapped in the creases of the plastic. Ick. Try to imagine having to go to the bathroom in a situation like that.

That's my say on that, I used to use liners as well, until I realized how unsanitary they are and how sometimes the cats can get frustrated because of the claws getting caught and this may lead to litter box aversion problems.

I'm sure someone will be along soon to answer your other question....I'm still trying to master introductions as well!!!

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Liners are more trouble then they are worth. Buy a large can of PAM cooking spray and spray the bottom of the litter tray after you wash the box. Let it sit just a few seconds before filling with about 2" of litter. Use plain clay or clumping litter not scented litter. The waste scoops out so cleanly using the spray. Also spray your litter scoop.
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I agree about the litter liners - nice idea, but not practical and a waste of money.

As far as introductions. You'll have to separate them for awhile and slowly introduce them. Most clawed/declawed cats don't fight as much as people believe. Many think the declawed one will be picked on which is not true. Cats don't fight with the front claws - its the back ones and they do more hissing/body language then actual fighting.

I'd do one (or more) of the following:

1. Wash every cat in the same shampoo (to smell the same)

2. Sprinkle cornstarch baby powder in all the coats and rub it in.

3. Put a dab of vanilla extract on their noses.

It will take time to adjust for everyone, so expect hissing and growling for awhile.

BTW I'm assuming all cats involved are spayed/neutered - if not, they really should be done before introductions.
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I'd actually be interested about feliway plug-in and birds, I've never used one because I don't know what solvent is used (the main body of the liquid is not going to be cat pheremones but a solvent) and I have a bird. You have to be so careful, just because we can't smell it doesn't mean it's not going to cause respitory arrest in a bird.

So if anyone with experience of using them around birds could come back to that particular point I'd be grateful too!
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Thanks for the ideas! I guess it would be better to not use liners for the clawed kitty so I'll leave them at home when I move.

Is baby shampoo safe to use on cats? Would it help keep down dander at all? One person I'm moving in with has allergies to fur and my 15 yo cat has some troubles grooming.

I'm also moving 18 finches and a pair of Kakariki with me. Quite the zoo we're going to have (someone else has a rabbit and a rat, and one other may get a pair of hamsters).

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Constant use of Baby shampoo is not a good thing. Use a quality human shampoo (Nexxus/Pantane) and conditioner or a quality pet shampoo made for cats (not dogs).

I would only wash every other month. BUT for allergies, you should regularly groom the cat to keep the fur down and also once or twice a day (every day) take a washcloth and use DISTILLED water (not just spring/drinking water) to wipe down the cat - the distilled water will nuetralize the dander of the cat.

Many people have tried using the distilled water method with very good results

BTW that seems like a heck of a lot of animals around if a person is allergic! The birds might even be worse with the feathers!
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I use the large liners and there are no problems.My Nacho even with claws does not cause damage.For the best results you have to spread the liners well.
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Thank you for the distilled water idea. I will look into it. Anything to help. Does the water have to go through the fur (soaking?) or just enough to lightly wet the top of the fur?

The birds shouldn't be bad at all as most are finches and I've never seen dander from the Kakariki. They also bathe nearly every day and will only be in my bedroom. And I will be vacuuming at least twice a week.

The liner was mostly "hole-punched" on the bottom from digging and where she tried to pull the sides in. I normally tuck the sides under the pan to stop them from pulling it in and peeing on it but since Kali has claws she kept pulling it in anyway lol.

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The first few times, I'd take a comb and dip it in the distilled water and comb thru the coat. After that, the wet washcloth over the top should work fine. Maybe do the combing/water once a week and the damp cloth the rest of the week.
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Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it.

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