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Hello Old school Cat Site people :) Its been so long!

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Hello everyone! I know only a handful of people will remember me from about 3 y ears ago. I used to read TCS twice daily and loved every minute of it! I am back to get some baby kitten advice. My friends cat has newborns (it go out of the screened in porch by accident) and the kittens need some TLC so what better place to get advice from than the Cat Site!
Good to read some posts from some new and familiar people!
Coco Maui
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I wasn't here back then, but welcome back!
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Welcome back... I too wasnt here
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Welcome back
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Thanks! I always browse this site when I am in need of info or just a little cute pic or inspiration!
Hope I can be on here more now.
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Hi Ginger! It's really great to see you back around here again!
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Hello Ginger-cocoa maui Welcome back !!though I dont know you,(dont know many here actually),I'll look forward to hearing all about your kitties
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Wow! Hello stranger. Good to see an old schooler back. I hope you get to stay this time. It's amazing all the changes. A lot of people have come and gone since you did.
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Holy smokes Ginger! How the heck are ya? Check out Tania and my website for your kitty questions and drop me a PM will ya?
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Welcome back.
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I remember you. Do you remember me? It's great to see you back.
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'Bout time you came back!
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Welcome back!! I wasnt here back then, but glad you made it back~
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Well hello Ginger! It is so good to see you here again!

Don't be a stranger!
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It's great to see you back again Ginger. Hope you find some time to drop in from time to time
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Hi Ginger,

Sure do remember you! Tried to reach you a year or so ago...please pm if you are still doing kitty oats.

Great to see you here again
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Hey everybody! Its good to see some familiar friends and some new ones too. Even though I havn't had much time for the computer, I still have had lots of time for my kitties. I still have Berkley and my step-sisters mom took Peaches. I rescued a kitten from the woods, her name is Lou Lou and my new husband (thats a different story!) came with Flash, she is a white persian! Like I said before, my friends cat had 6 kittens and I have been caring for them every other day. They took thier first bites of real food two days ago! Sooo cute! Hissy, thanks for the site on kitten care, I will check it out now!
I am not currently doing Kitty Oats but I hope to in the future, I lost my website when I had to move
Hopehacker, My bengal is living with my Mom in North Carolina, he is doing great! I recently babysat him for 2 month here in Florida with the hopes to keep him. He did not get along with Lou Lou and she pretty much lived in the garage the whole time he was here! So, Mom took him back home, he likes it there at her house and she is a cat lover who spoils him!!
Gotta run, for now!
Hey again!!!!
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