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I need help!

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For the last couple of months I have been seeing this HUGE grey and white cat coming into my yard. His head is as big as mine! He is a feral and I feel so sorry for him. He has battle wounds all over his body and his nose is half ripped off! I really want to catch him so I can socialize him and keep him. I have no clue on how to catch him. If anybody has advice please let me know. This cat deserves a nice warm home and I'd like to give it to him!
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There is a thread at the top of the Feral Colonies forum on just that topic:
trapping cats and kittens
Good luck in your efforts. I will be saying kitty capture prayers for you.
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You are an angel for wanting to help this poor guy! Check with your Vet - they probably have a trap you can borrow. If you need further advice apart from what's in the "Trapping" sticky, feel free to post again or PM me!

On socializing what may be your new little friend, PLEASE read this thread: A Friend Needs Help

This is a fabulous documentation of someone who rescued a feral older kitten, and all the problems and questions associated with bringing her inside and socializing her. It should help you greatly!
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He was just in my yard. I have a feeder for the ferals since he's not the only one that comes around. He comes up on my deck and eats his heart out. I am going to go to the SPCA for a cage. If and when I catch him, I will make sure he gets fixed right away! Thanks for the advice, I will keep you updated!

It's time to start kitty catching!
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Hi Crazy Cat Lover! Any idea how many ferals you feed regularly?

The one thing I don't know how to do is trap one specific cat!!!!!

We only began working with cats back in June, but because there were so many who showed up when we first started feeding them, hubby (who does the trapping) became an expert very quickly. Thankfully, he never trapped any skunks, but he did trap several raccoons (one, the largest we've EVER seen!) and at least one possum.

Good Luck!!!!! And BTW, I just want to reiterate (again!) how wonderful I think you are for what you are doing!

...and we'd LOVE it if you would keep us posted. Thanks so much - I think we're all pretty much crazy cat lovers, here!

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We have a DLH Tuxedo, a DSH Tuxedo, a LH Calico, a SH Calico, an Ocicat or Ocicat Cross, a DSH Grey and White and the male grey and white I have been talking about. So 7 that I have seen. We have 2 HUGE racoons that come into my neighbors yard, they won't come into mine because my female Bengal chases them away! I am going to try and make an elevated place for the ferals to eat, but I have to come up with a plan first!
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You should give your ferals names! We used to have the black cat (DSH) - now "Shadow,", a really mean DSH Tuxedo (now Attila), a DSH Tuxedo (now Tuxedo!), a ginger DLH (Julius), a Maine Coon stray ("Booger," that we worked with Maine Coon rescue to find her a home, and just last Friday sent her to her furrever home in Portland, Oregon!), two DSH tabbies that we adopted and brought inside (Lazlo and Spooky), another DSH tuxedo that we adopted and brought inside (Sheldon, or Shelly), a DLH grey and white really cutie kitty that is teeny-weeny, thus "Munchkin," that we saved her life, brought her inside, and delivered to her new home Saturday - but her new mum didn't like the way she was interacting with her existing rescue, so took her to her cousin's home Sunday night. They seem to be falling in love with her, so keep your fingers crossed that it works out), a DLH black kitten, now "Magic,", a DSH I don't know - brown and black and tan markings on her face and back, "Thanksgiving," a DSH tortoise shell, "Tortie," a DSH grey and white male, "Moocher," another DSH tuxedo older male, "Trasher," (he was always in the garbage making a mess before we started feeding them), a DSH all grey female "Sweetie," a DSH grey tabby older male, "Fleet," and two other cats that we trapped and had spayed and neutered that we haven't seen since releasing them. One of them was "Mommy," the mom of Sheldon, Lazlo, Spooky, Julius and Tuxedo, which were born right out back of our house, and were the original litter that got us truly involved with these lovely creatures!

We've had all of the cats spayed or neutered, except for Sweetie, who showed up pregnant, stuck around long enough to eat before having her kittens, then disappeared. Over a period of several months, what we suspect to be three of her kittens showed up (we think Munchkin, Thanksgiving and Magic were hers).

Attila was the hardest to trap, and even everyone at the Vets thought he was the meanest cat they'd ever met.

There are great suggestions for feeding stations here - although not apparent from the name of the thread. Take a look at this idea - it is cheap, easy, and should work without being elevated:

Feeding Cats or Squirrels

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