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Hissy afer vet visit

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I took Mooch to the Vet today to check her ears and she also got her due booster.

I half expected Noodles to be hissing and what not toward Mooch when we got home and I was sure right. I knew they were both due, but not knowing how much this visit would cost, I only scheduled Mooch. I wish I'd done both like I normally do.

I don't have any pure vanilla so I used vanilla extract on the girls but it's not helped much yet. (But they smell wonderful!) I also tried to rub them down with the towels they lay one. One went to the vet with Mooch and I, the other Noodles was laying on here.

Mooch tolerated the ride very well and has been as playful as a kitten since getting home. Noodles is still sulking and hissing when Mooch comes near. Mostly Mooch has looked at her like "What's your problem!?!"

I know this kind of behavior is common after things like this, so I was wondering, any idea how long it usually lasts? Or any other ideas for helping calm them? I'm not exactly sure where to find the pure vanilla, would Walmart or a regular grocery store have it? Or do I need to try a whole foods store? I don't think DH would want me to spend the money on anything too expensive unless it's really necessary. Noodles has always been a jumpy and territorial cat, so having something to help calm her around might not be bad anyway.
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Why not just let them come around on their own? My cats get upset as well when one comes back from the vet, they smell strange and well, they smell like the vets office. It should not last long.
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Lasted under 4 hours with my kittens last week when my girl spent a few hours at the vet (I had to drop the poor thing off before work and pick her up at lunch so the vet could fit her in that day).

I didn't do anything special to them (my boy was just hissing at her, growling, and following her suspiciously...no fighting)....I just fed them like normal (right next to each other) and went back to work...they had worked things out by the time I got home.
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Mooch, try putting the vetted kitty in a room where he can "wash" all the bad scents off. From what I'm learning, it's partially the odd smells that sets off the "home" cats... maybe that will do the trick. The other thing to do is try playing with them together and/or feeding them both together. Both are positive associations, and like.. if you were to give Noodles a treat while Mooch is close by, it makes the situation positive.

I believe that pure vanilla extract is sold in the spice section or baking section.. it's the same type of bottle as the vanilla extract but one says "pure" and one says "imitation"... I don't know that it will make a difference whether it's pure or imitation. One of the books I read also suggested putting a dab of perfume on them both. One also suggested rubbing the cat that was at home and then taking the "home' cats pheremones and rubbing it on the "vet" cat. I know you said you tried giving them each others scents, but you want Mooch to smell like Noodles, not vice versa, I think. I'm not sure that it will make a difference with having scented them with the vanilla.. I think it sort of falls into the same ballpark.

Hope some of that is helpful. I'm still learning cat behavior, and I've got a long way to go. Let me know how it works out.
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Right now both girls are sleeping so I'm not sure exactly where we are at.

I fed them next to eachother tonight. Usually they get their wet food on one big plate divided into 2 piles. Tonight I used 2 small plates, but right next to eachother. They ate fine. Then Noodles decided when she was finished to hiss at Mooch. Then Mooch puked up all her food.
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I have never had that problem with either of mine. I know that they sniff each other for awhile once one returns from being out of the house, especially when a trip to the vet is made but no hostile behavior like hissing or anything, they just look at each other strangely as if to say "Where have you been, Ive missed you".
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This is why I always take both cats to the vet together, even if only one has an appointment. I tell the vet that the other is along for "moral support." In any case, it at least eliminates the "you smell different" issue, at least in my experience. Just a thought....
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