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wow, luck is on my side!!

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my three month old (kuan yin) was missing today. i didn't think much of it because she's good at hiding in the house (an indoor kitty). i had a weird feeling and opened the front door and called her name..nothing. so i shrugged and figured she found a new hiding spot again since i keep all the windows and doors closed for this reason. i searched the house again and decided i better try the front door again before panicking. i opened the door and guess who was sitting there looking up at me? she looked up at me like "WHAT?" and casually strolled in the house! i pet her and loved her for coming back on her own. SHE HAS NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE BEFORE. i sometimes carry her with me when i walk down the street to our mailbox so in case something happened she'd have an idea where she lives. guess it worked! she's had all her vaccines but i still would be so scared if someone mated her before her spay coming up september 17th. the only thing i can think of is my bf left for work at 2pm...she came to the front door at 2:45pm. my mind boggles to think what she was doing out there for 45 minutes. i am so super lucky nothing bad happened!!! *sighs in relief* the funny part is how casual she was about the whole thing!!! little brat!!!
my bf says we'll start working on an outdoor enclosure for her since she is so curious about the outdoors.
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Aww! Glad she came back. How typical for a kitty to be so nonchalant about something that was scary to us
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She's a pretty little girl and I love her name! Glad she came back to you!
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So glad she came back!
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