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Cairo has a cold/cough.

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I'm so worried about her. She never gets sick, it's always Paris who does. Last night she was coughing all night. I called the vet today and she said that a common cold is ok as long as the cat eats and drinks regularly. At the time I had seen her go get water, but not eat.

Now all day she's been laying on the condo. She doesn't have a fever, but her breathing is raspy and she hasn't been down to get water or food in several hours. Even splashing water in the sink which usually excites her didn't budge her. I'm keeping a close eye on her, and I'm going to take her to the vet first thing tomorrow. Is there anything I can do to ease her suffering?

I'm making her some boiled chicken, and I'm going to leave the water in with it so she can get some liquid. Anything else I can do for her for now?

Paris gets colds and sneezy stuff often, but she never seems this sick. I'm so worried.
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She won't even eat her boiled chicken. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight.
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I know how tough it is--Willow is barely eating anything right now. Have you tried baby food (make sure it has no onion powder), tuna, or scrambled eggs? I just bought some Fancy Feast, which I don't normally give my cats, to try to entice her. Since she's raspy, she may be stuffed up. You can try heating the food to enhance its aroma. Also, you can either use a humidifier or put her in a steamy bathroom to try to help open her nasal passages and make it easier for her to breathe and therefore smell the food.
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I just got back from taking Zoey in ... she too has the cold

tuna or clam juice over food seems to help
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Thanks for all the help! She still didn't eat or drink anything but she's actually left her perch to be with me at the computer. I tried the other food suggestions, but it seems she just doesn't wanna eat right now. Poor baby, it just breaks my heart.

I tried the steamy bathroom thing, and I think it actually helped her. Not so much to eat, but she sounds a little less raspy. Hopefully it will help her get a good nights sleep.

Only 6 hours till our vet appointment.
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We just got back from the vet, and it went well. Her wheezing has died down a little but it was enough to let the vet know what I was hearing. It's either asthma or a little infection. We have Clavamox for the cold, and prednisone for the asthma. If she's not improved by Monday we're going to do x-rays and blood work.

Oh and great news. She ate! The vet gives her customers the perscription food in little treat bags so that when the cat actually needs to be on a perscription diet, they get excited about the food. It's always been Cairo's favorite treat. Well I bought a bag of that stuff, and sure enough, Cairo has eated a handful of those kibbles.
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