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Eating Ice

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Does anyone else here crave ice? I can eat 8 to 10 tall glasses of ice in a day. I've read that it can be a sign of anemia, but my hemoglobin is only a little on the low side of normal. A funny sister eats ice too, lol!
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I heard that crunching ice means your erm... sexually frustrated.
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Ah....yeah, that too!
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ick, I can't eat ice. It freezes my teeth and makes it really uncomfortable.
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I just heard it was bad for your teeth! I can't stand the sound of it myself. It's a pet peeve.
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I eat ice because I like it. But it can be bad for your teeth if the ice is really hard. 'Softened' ice is my favorite, like when you finish a drink and all that's left is half melted soft ice... yum!
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Craving ice is a sign of anemia.
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I like to eat that kind of Ice. Sometimes I even order a cup of Ice with a flavoring of Drink on it.
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My best friend used to get cups of ice and chomp on them. Drove me CRAZY!!! Then she was found to be anemic and once that problem was solved, she no longer had the urge to chew ice, and I no longer had the urge to smack her!
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If there is a bit of ice left in a glass after I have finished a drink then I'll suck on one of the cubes, but I don't purposefully fill glasses with ice to eat.

Eating ice makes the teeth brittle from the cold and chewing it can easily chip and crack a tooth. It is also an abrasive and wears out tooth enamel.

There seems to be a relationship between ice eating and iron defiencies. If you aren't already taking an iron supplement everyday, you should be. Low iron causes extreme fatigue, pale skin, weakness, shortness of breath, headache, lightheadedness, and often cold hands and feet.
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I love to eat the really fine, crushed ice! I'm always careful not to aggervate my teeth and chip them with it though
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I love chewing ice. I am not anemic, I've just always loved ice. It's good to know I'm not the only one!

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I can't stand the feeling of the ice crunching against my teeth! Eww! Also, my teeth are really sensitive to cold stuff. Gives me chills just thinking about it!
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Yep. I've been eating ice since I was six or so. I've heard about the anemia thing.. maybe it's true as I eat ice and have megaloblastic anemia. My anemia hasn't been bothering me for quite a while now.
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I drink ice water with like 80% crushed ice and nibble nibble nibble on it.
I've never heard the anemia thing,b ut that would make a lot of sense in my case.
I've had bouts of it on and off for years.
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