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Snack food concern...is cheese or any "fridge food" safe?

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My cat, Zoe, is having an ulcer in her right eye and I have to give her medications directly in her eyes, three times a day. The problem is that she really hates it and she was already a very independant cat, I''m scared she won't love me anymore! So, I wanted to give her a little treat everytime a give her antibiotics. My question is: is there any food that wouldn't be bad for her health, that cat likes and that I could find in my fridge? Like cheese or anything? I really don't know and I don't want to make her sick. I don't want to get her used to human food, so I would only give it to her right after I give her the medicine. Also, I don't really trust the little cat treats they sell at the stores, they seems full of unhealthy stuffs!

Thanks for any advice,

Marilou and Zoe
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In general, cats should eat cat-specific foods, but little bits of meat (excluding pork, which isn't healthy for ANYONE) or fish (without bones!!!) which has been cooked, would be all right for a treat. btw, you can purchase healthier cat treats than those from supermarkets: Nutro makes some, Organix also, and even GoodLife, which is actually Purina, are better in quality than supermarket brands.
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Try offering her a spoonful of plain yogurt as a treat.
It's a healthy treat and most cats love it.
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My mom's cats used to get a fingernail full of butter. Many cats like cheese, both regular and cream-cheese varieties (my boyfriend's mother gives all their dogs their pills coated in cream cheese). Yogurt is good as mentioned above because it has probiotics in it and can help maintain a regular digestive tract, but I usually try to give at a separate time than the antibiotic so the antibiotic won't kill off all the good bacteria in the yogurt. In the past I have boiled chicken for my cats or cooked them some scrambled eggs as treats or appetite enhancers. Bits of tuna are always a big hit as well. Some cats can tolerate milk as a treat while others end up with an upset stomach. Avoid anything with onions or garlic in it.
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Wow, thanks! I'll try the eggs and the plain yogurt until I buy specialized snack food for her.

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I second the plain yoghurt! I always have a little fan club sitting around me licking their lips whenever I eat yoghurt. As I don't eat ones with sugar or sweetners in the cats usually get to lick the pot when I've finished
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Cheese is fine for cats too. Mine love it. You could also give her a small bite of chicken or turkey or something like that.
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I use plain yogurt or a little cream cheese for when I have to give them pills too, or that whiskas cat milk
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