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What colour would you call my kittens?

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This is Mao and Neko They are still with their mum and won't be coming to stay for a few weeks yet. They are a similar colour to their mum. How would you describe each of them?

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HOW PRECIOUS THEY ARE!!! I would say buff tabby and white, and brown tabby. And of course, 100% ADORABLE.
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Brown tabby (not sure if that one has any white from the pic)
Blue tabby and white

Unless they have some red/cream in the coats - then they would be Brown Patched tabby or Blue Patched tabby (and female).

Got any more side views of the bodies? What color is mom? If they both have the colors of mom, that means mom is a Brown Patched tabby.
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So why female?! I'm a beginner to all this genetics! Do we have 2 little girls? They were too little to sex when we last saw them
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No red or cream in the coats, and mum is brown tabby. We don't know what colour dad was (many boyfriends apparently!)

Sadly i have no other photos - mum was getting a little stressed with her babies out of the nesting box. Neko on the right doesn't quite manage a white tummy - more pale grey/brown
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Ok if no red/cream in the coats (and mom is just a brown tabby) then they would be brown and blue tabbys.

The red/cream in the coats would be like a tortoiseshell/calico and that would make them a female. They could be either sex then if solid brown/blue

They are really cute. Take more pics when you can
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I hesitate on the blue and white and agree with the brown tabby definately

Will have to wait on the blue since I'm thinking silver more than blue - more pics when older would confirm it!
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If its not a purebred, the chances of silver are very small - that's why I say its a blue tabby.
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Unlikely to be purebred, many boyfriends! Mum is certainly a very beautiful cat - fine head and not at all 'moggy-like'. Hopefully her kittens will grow up to be as fine as she is.

I will get more photos at the weekend - they will be 5 weeks old on sat!
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I have no idea as to coulours etc, but can see that has been answered.
I just wanted to see kitty piccies

Theyre adorable wahtever colours you call them. Bet you can not wait to bring them home
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