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i that photograph i just posted of him!!!!!
it really strikes me. i cant stop staring at it :laughing:

i forgot to say earlier, MeowMan, your women friends are beautiful sure i cant steal them away?!

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Blue....that is a beautiful picture of cameron you just posted! Did you take that? I love all the colors!!!!!
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so good to see you ! we have all been so worried !

no, i didnt take it, his sister took it with his mother's digital camera.
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Thank you for worrying about me, Blue!! I you!!!
I keep forgetting to check and see if I got any private messages while I was sick, so if you sent me one...I'm not ignoring it...

I just want to add another thing about what women/men want

This is only my opinion, but if I were single...I would want a man to take me out and wine me and dine me and laugh with me and have a great time, but not EXPECT sex at the end of the date. If it happens, and I want it to...great....but if it doesn't....I don't want to feel like I have let him down or he feels he has wasted his time and money. We are not hookers for pete's sakes.

Just my thoughts on it.
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Oh Sweety...I haven't been out on a date in a while where a guy just wants sex...not that he's not thinking about it...and to be honest...I'm thinking about it! :laughing: I don't get it...it seems like things are changing for the better around my neck of the woods, but maybe it's me???????? YIPPEE!!!!! :laughing: Now that I have Phil (sigh)....really, who cares about anyone else!

I meant guys of course! Love you
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Hey Big Sis!! I meant to tell you in the other thread where you posted more Phil pics that I loved them!!! I forgot to say that when I made my post over there. He sure is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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