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my best friend/roomate Cameron:

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what do ya think? i think he's pretty amazing

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I think he's an angel :angel2:

Love &
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hey darling

where have you been lately?!

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Hey Blue

Just here there and everywhere sweets...when ya'll comin on down!!! It's almost summertime here in Florida and it's fun fun fun time!!!
Yeehawwwww! :laughing: weeeeeee
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HUMMPH!!!!! If this was a bunch of guys whistling at a pic of a babe you girls would be on us like white on rice.GRUMP,GRUMP!!! He He!!! :goodbad: :laughing:
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you can go whistle at my picture as much as you like, i wont mind,
i swear!!!
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bumping up so Debby can see my gorgeous best-friend

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Oh My God Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you live with a man that looks like that and not want to attack him every night?????????????????????????????

Those lips of his looks like they were just MADE to be kissed!

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Oh and by the way, Catarina... thanks for the pic!!!!!!! I wish my abs were as tight as yours, and my tummy as well!!!! Great Pic!!!!
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though he thinks we'd be great as both
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So why is it that you don't feel that way about him?
He obviously loves you (as probably does everyone who has ever met you )

He obviously is very much attracked to you, and loves you...whether it be as a best friend or as lover.

Sometimes we try so hard to look for what we need/want....that we tend to overlook the obvious.

If he loves and cares for you THAT much...maybe he IS the one.

But if YOU don't feel the same....then he isn't.

These deep feelings have to go both ways.

I guess I should just shut up now, Blue...but I wanted to give you my opinion, and I hope that's okay.
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Lady Blue.. this may sound a complete reversal of my earlier posting but I understand what you mean.
However,the danger is in letting that ideal become an obsession. It's a terrible thing to be at the end of your life and to be looking back and wishing.
Look for that soul mate..it is possible to find them;usually when and who you least expect. They may not come for years or it could be tomorrow.

Now,at the risk of getting stomped into the virtual dust I submit the following....
Women used to dream of a knight on a white charger.
Modern women dream of a day with a platinum charge card. :laughing:
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Modern women dream of a day with a platinum charge card
I sure would love to get mine not with a man attached to it I have a wonderful man - what I mean is credit cards are due to women on our own right

Blue, your posts are really interesting - thank you for sharing. Would you mind if I put in my 2 cents?

I knew my husband for a year or so before we started dating. I thought he was cute but not really my type. For the first 3 months of dating I still thought he was cute but "not the one". I think I stayed with him during those first stage because I really liked him and he did love me very much. I remember thinking about it back then and the line that came to my mind was "best friend with benefits" More than 6 months into the relationship, it suddenly hit me that I was in love head over hills! And that feeling is still with me 5 years later!

I guess what I'm trying to say, that sometimes "the one" is that very one that you do feel most comfortable with, and it can take some time to realize that...

Catarina - cool picture!
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OK, I agree with Kitty Foot. Geez, if us guys were drooling and barking (or meowing in the case of the men here) over the fine babes, all you ladies would tear us up. I think they're needs to be more guys posting some pics of their babes and lady friends here!!!

OK, here's my other best-lady friend, Laura:

And another one of Helen

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MeowMan are you 2 female friends models? They are beautiful!
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Dearest Blue,

I love your honesty and you're so open it just tears me up to see your talent not pursued to higher levels...are you ever going to publish a book of poetrey...I admire you so much not for settling if that's what you feel right now. I wanted also to say that Anne has a very, very valid point...your guy might be sitting right next to you and both of you don't or won't even admit it!....Oh well, I'm just romantic at heart

Love &
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Laura is not a model, but VERY photogenic and she likes to frolic in front of the camera wearing as little as possible or nothing at all sometimes. She's fun and beautiful.

Helen is my ex, now my best friend and she did use to be a runway model. I met her when I cast her in a short film I was making. She's six feet tall and all legs. Look at page 3 of this thread and you will see one of her modeling pics when she was 17. She also likes to flaunt her stuff in front of the lens and if she's feeling really bold, she too goes with the motto "less is more".

I just love having open minded lady friends.
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Blue, I will have to put my other 2 cents in
now. Your roommate is something very nice to look at. Forgive
me if that is too bold

Sometimes putting something off because of fear
or uncertainty can be worse than jumping right in
feet first. Does that make sense?

Sometimes best friends can make the best of lovers.
You may not be ready at the moment, and that's great,
but if he is someone you don't want to lose keep your
options open.

Sometimes love is a knockin at your front door,
and you have the music on too loud to hear! Hehehe.. I just thought
of that all by myself. I am such a dork.
The moral of my babbling is... taking chances is not
always a bad thing. Besides I think you are fabulous
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Blue....you are still young, yet, so maybe the right one is yet to come along. You are too kind and wonderful to settle for anything less than what your heart desires.
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well, i just wanted to say, i appreciate everyone's comments on this.
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Blue, I think you will definately know it when you see it.
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thanks, Debby
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I ran across this nifty site and thought the ladies who are dealing with a less than perfect man might find it amusing or helpful. http://www.oxygen.com/topics/sex/spe...up_010402.html
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Thank you Kittyfoot....that WAS amusing!!! It reminds me of that old song....50 ways to leave your lover. Does anyone remember that one??
It goes something like this.....
Make a little plan, Stan...hop on the bus, Gus...don't need to discuss much, just listen to me....
Go out the back Jack, no need to be coy, Roy! Just get yourself free.

Okay....I know I butchered that all to heck, but that was the order I remembered it in...sorry.
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oh Debby, i absolutely adore Paul Simon, and that is one of my favourtie songs

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Paul Simon!!!!!!! Thanks Blue....I couldn't remember who sang it! I just knew I like it!!!
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here is another photo of Cameron taken today, hours ago

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