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I have told you all numerous tidbits about Helen. Yhis picture is of her at 17, the year I first met her. She is now (almost) 22. She admits (even this very day) that we would make the perfect couple, as do I. We can read each other with just a look and speak complete scentences without ever uttering a word. I have NEVER had the kind of connection that she and I have with anyone. Noone knows me better and vice-verca. She is my soul mate and my best friend. I believe, from the deepest recesses of my soul, that she and I will one day take our friendship to a higher, more intimate level. The step wouldn't be too far, since we were intimate not long after she turned 18 and we dated for 9 months. But, now that we are best friends, we really are closer than most lovers. My instinct tells me to just be patient. What I yearn for more than anything will eventually come to pass.
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Gee Meeow Man, what a great photograph, she is stunning.
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I felt sad when I read your post. I understand perfectly how you can feel the way the you do, but I hate it that you think you don't have a chance of getting what you want out of a relationship. I don't feel like it's ever too late, but I'm not in your shoes. I just wish you felt like you were worth not settling, because you are!!!

I wasn't sure if I should comment at all, because I know it was hard for you to post, and I don't want you to regret opening up to this wonderful group of people.

we all care about you so much, and you have a huge support system right here to help you through anything.

anyway, I wanted you to know that we all think you are wonderful. I hope that I haven't put my foot (mouse?) in my mouth.

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Is there a reason why my picture of Philip was deleted? It's not like he was naked. Although, I'm sure if he was, it wouldn't be as repulsive as 90% of the men walking this planet. This has not been my only posting deleted...three in total and I have not been given a reason as to why. I've never said a filthy word, nor have I crossed someone without explaining my feelings diplomatically. Which I believe has been once since my membership here. I was requested by a member to post another...so, here it is...Without sounding paranoid, I do feel unwelcomed by someone.

[Edited by Catarina77777 on 05-11-2001 at 11:26 AM]
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Originally posted by Catarina77777
Here's my hunk of burnin' love...we are so in love!


I can still see it just fine, maybe you missed it? I dont
think posts get deleted around here, especially without telling
the poster about it... i think they get edited only.

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Wow Catarina, I saw the first picture of your hottie.. Are you sure it was deleted? I like you, and hope you don't feel unwanted by someone.
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cant you see my post, swalker? i just reposted that first
picture, maybe it's not showing up?

Catarina, like i said, i can still see it, so, i dont know
what's going on :confused2
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I can still see the photo of your orginal post. Not sure what the problem is but I went back to page 1 just to check and it was there for me
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He's one hot dude! Does he have a brother, uncle, father, cousin, friend???
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Catarina...I can see the first picture of Phil just fine...and now there are two...which is okay since he is such a cuttie!

But...I don't understand why you think your posts have been deleted. They havent been....I checked...Anne has a rule that if us Moderators delete something, we should tell her about it and why we did it in the moderators lounge...and there is nothing there about deleting any of your posts....none of us would do that to you!!! We love you!!! I am so sorry and worried that you feel this way.

Please tell me...even if it is in private, by my e-mail, who you think does not want you here. this is really really really bothering me.
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Hi Everyone,

Oh gosh, I opened a can of worms...I didn't want to sound angry I was hurt because I thought someone took him down because I posted two..and I looked and said to myself
"Well, Chuck posted two" hmmmmm...that's when I really got hurt...but I do tell you that it's true, unless for some reason...which has been bothering me,..I haven't gotten any emails regarding some postings that I took part in...ya know? Anyway, this computer or my server...must be giving me more problems than I thought, because, I went back to see Amandas pictures and I couldn't!

I apologize deeply if I made you guys think I was angry or think that I believe someone here doesn't like me...I'd be silly to think that! How can you not love me! awwww...j/k

Donna, you're too much!...he's the only son! But, I can hook ya up with a friend!!

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Catarina, those pictures are sexy but we wouldn't dream of deleting them for that Hehe - the more the merrier...

You said you think 3 of your posts were deleted. Like Debby said, I don't think anyone has deleted any post, so please email me and let me know which one are those (or post in the feedback forum). I want to make sure the system is functioning well.
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Dear Anne,

I think it's my computer or something, because I can go back and I won't see his picture!!! I won't even see some other pics of some members either...go figure. I have been having problems with this thing. here's another pic for ya...since you're so kind and wanted another beauty of my sweets...here ya go
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even though I can go back & see his picture, thanks for posting another one!
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Yes Thank you for posting another one!!!!! He is an absolute BABE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Okay guys, here are my 2 loves. We were at an awards banquet March. I just love this picture of them!!!

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that picture is awesome!!!!!!
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That picture is priceless! How cute they both are!
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Sandie, is that your husband and your daughter?
How precious your daughter is!!! And your hubby is a very sexy guy! And looks like a nice guy to boot!!!
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Dear Sandie,

I just love pictures like that...that's what I call a definite Kodak moment! By the way, you have a gorgeous daughter and very handsome husband

Love &,
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Thank you guys for all the wonderful compliments!! Yes, that is my husband Ken and my daughter Kylee who is turning 7 this thursday. Boy where does the time go. They are both very wondeful and I couldnt have asked for more with the 2 of them!!
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what a beautiful family you have Sandie, absolutely precious!

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Wow! I bet he looks really smart in his uniform... And she's a real doll! You are lucky.
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LOL when he is in his winter dress blues, he looks like the guy on the crackerjack package!
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Dear Sandie,

From what I'm gathering here, is your husband in the Navy? That's really cool..my nephew's in the sub division. I myself have always loved that look! It's so admirable! I'd be very proud too

Love &
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This is my hubby!!
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and this is my son!!!
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Ok I have a pic of my son in the thread " I am so happy "
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What a wonderful family you have....Cats included
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you have a beautiful family also!

beautiful son & husband, and you're pretty beautiful yourself
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