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It made me cry

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I have a feral that was brought in a while ago that I have been working with at the shelter.

She was slow to trust, but over the last few weeks has made amazing progress... a few weeks ago she let me touch her and didn't even try to bite, then she let me brush her gently (with a long handled brush ), then I used a short handled brush and she started to let me brush closer to her head. Then last week she let me stroke her, we were all amazed!

Anyway, yesterday I am sitting on a chair filling out some paperwork and she hopped right up onto my lap and nudged my arm. I was in tears at the trust she showed me. She sat there for a good 5 mins before jumping down.

Now just to get her to trust potential adopters... or get Matt to let me take her home
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That is wonderful.
Every step forward with a feral does make you want to cry, it's all that trust that they are giving you.
I hope you find a home for way or the other.
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Last night Ferris spent some time on my lap. While I scritched him, and he closed his eyed and extended his neck in kitty bliss, my roomie and I were recalling out loud what he was like when I first adopted him a year ago this coming Thursday.

Back then, and even 8-9 months ago, I would never have thought that my boy would become so incredibly loving.

Those special moments with former ferals is amazingly heart-filling, isn't it?
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What a sweet and special moment. I love it when feral kitties learn to trust.
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Yes, I don't doubt that it made you cry. What a lovely touching moment. Kitty trust is magic -- the more so when it is so hard won.
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I'm doing the happy feral cat dance for you!! Isn't it absolutely heart stopping when you make these strides with them?

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It is heart stopping, now I just have to get her to be a nice kitty to the other volunteers and more importantly, potential adopters
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Eithne, that's such a wonderful story. I was near to tears just reading it.

We have a rabbit at the humane society where I volunteer and nobody bothers with it. It always looks so alone so last week I opened the cage and just talked softly to it and was stroking it. He had his eyes closed and was all relaxed. The lady that runs the shelter happened to come in and said OMG, nobody will touch that rabbit - it bites everyone. Made me feel special and I spent more time with him the next time I went in.

I'm sure this little feral made you feel very special and in turn she has become special to you.
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That is so amazing Eithne
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Someone asked... so I thought I would add my reply here too, yes this is the kitty I brought home just over 2 weeks ago, and if she stops attacking the boys (even under doors etc), yes she will be staying
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We have 3 fosters that were quite feral when we got them. They were about 10 weeks old when we got them and we couldn't touch any of them. They'd hiss and hide behind the toilet, and just didn't trust us at all. They were being fed by someone, but not socialized. Within a week, 2 out of 3 were much better. The third one is still skittish after a good 2 months, but the funny thing: When the 2 siblings are at the adoption center (they are so sweet now and ready for adoption), the skittish one will let me pet her, roll over, and purr up a storm ONLY IF, my other cat, Marlee is in the room with her. I think she thinks it's her daddy and she needs the adult male in the room. I never saw anything like it. Night and day. Without him she's borderline feral, and when he's there, she's a sweet girl. Marlee is my 'therapy' cat. He is so mellow that all the foster kittens take to him and he just sits there and lets them climb all over him. He's such a great cat.

Now the problem is that Alice will need a home with an adult male. Otherwise, I don't think she'll be adoptable.
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