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I can't find the medication for Ear Mites

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I've looked in Petsmart, Petco, and a small pet store at the mall and none of them have Frontline Mite Repellent. None of them have anything but "miticide," the stuff my cats can't stand.
How can I get it?
BTW, the vet who gave my cats shots said they did in fact have ear mites.

-Sarah of Borg
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Look on-line in a catalog called Revival. they also have the catalog free to mail it to you. They have everything.
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I just read an article about a man who intentionally gave himself ear mites for the advancement of science! EWWWWW! He said he about went crazy listening to the sounds of the mites in his ear. He did it to prove that you can get ear mites from cats, but he really had to work at getting infected. He suffered from pain and itching and the mites died after 3 days of no treatment.
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REVOLUTION that advertises that they not only kill fleas, prevents hook worms, round worms, and heart worms, it also kills ear mites! You apply it to the back of the kitty's neck. I got this flier from my vet so I guess it must be true. You can get this online from PETMEDS or any other an line pet prescription site.
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Originally posted by hissy
I just read an article about a man who intentionally gave himself ear mites for the advancement of science! EWWWWW! He said he about went crazy listening to the sounds of the mites in his ear.
I don't think science needed that discovery. And I think this guy had too much time on his hands.

Ok...on the count of 3......1....2...Ewwwwww!

It makes you wonder about some people ...

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Dr Barry Marshall an Australian doctor swallowed a solution containing Helicobacter, to prove that is in fact possible to infect onself with this stomach ulcer causing bacteria. Crazy thing to do, but also very beneficial for ulcer sufferers.

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Originally posted by hissy
I just read an article about a man who intentionally gave himself ear mites for the advancement of science! EWWWWW!
That is NASTY!!!! Gross me out!
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I havne't had any luck using Frontline or Frontline Plus for earmites, even tho I know other people who have.

Earmites are very contagious cat to cat and can lead to infected ears and in some cases hematomas. I fight a constant battle agaisnt them at the shelter!

There are some over the counter treatments at most pet stores, these have to be used weekly but my cats tolerate them well. Some head shaking, but that is about it.
I use it as a preventative since I bring fosters into the house who often carry some mites.

Ivermectin is my miticide of choice. I get it from my vet, altho you can also order it from and then dilute it yourself.
You drip it in the ears & it kills everything in there. Repeat in 7 days, which is the length of time it takes for eggs to hatch, I think.

I get almost everything from Revival

good luck with the mites! I hate them more than ringworm.

I think the mites in that man's ears died because they were on the wrong host. A lot of these parasites are host specific.

Bendy's mom
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I am really glad to hear that ear mites are host specific. My newest foster brought some in and infected my other two. I have been having itchy ears since. I have been too embarrassed to call the doctor and ask if I might have caught them.

My ears still itch, though. I guess its just the power of suggestion.
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I know because I've had them.
they are a form of mange.
to make matters worse, i was allergic to the horrid things.
So, in addition to be covered in tiny mite bites, I then broke out in hives.

they are worse than chiggers! and I thought chiggers were the worst thing possible when I first encountered them!

I find that I often get the itchies when someone just mentions fleas, or ticks, or ringworm....

that would be an amusing doctors visit tho.
heehee "um, doc, i think I have earmites."

my doc is used to strange things by now.

Bendy's mom
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scabies.. *shudders*

I had those once, I was under 10 years old, and I was told they were little while spiders crawling under my skin, (I had them on my hands.) IT WAS SO CREEPY AND ITCHY.
I remember, they gave me this creame to put on my hands for it, and some bully in the woods came along and stole it from me and stomped it into the ground, poked wholes it in, it was all gone I couldn't use it by the time he was done.

But, I had no clue that it was a form of mange or that it could be contracted from an animal. I really don't know anything about it.
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don't ever ever put potatoes on top of the fridge and forget about them!!!!

we knew it was soemthing in the appartment.
i steam cleaned the rugs, washed all counters & non-rug floors with boiling water - and also the trash can, washed all clohtes & bedsheets..

when i grabbed the squishy thing on top of the fridge my hand, then my arm started to burn.

i've never run anythign to the dumpster so fast in my life!!!

I had that cream, too! I had the rotten things all over me, so I was told to put the cream everywhere.
It felt great, cooled al the itching.

I didn't learn that it was a form of mange until I worked in a makeshift hospital for animals rescued from hurricane flooding in '99.

A lot of the animals had different kinds of mange, and one said "Sarcoptic" I was asking a zillion questions about everything, and one of the techs said "oh, that is scabies."
I was stunned. "scabies is mange? I've had mange." that made it seem even more gross!

what other fun parasites can we talk about?
anyone ever have a botfly larvae???? i haven't (thankfully).

oo oo oo
our least favorite protozoan!

bendy's mom
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I went to every pet store (all 3) within the area. None of them had Frontline Mite Medication. Or Frontline anything.
I made a call to a pet store a little farther away (that specializes in strange pets and hard to get stuff) and the guy there said he could order something for me that "has the same ingrediants" as Frontline, whatever that means. He said to me that Frontline can only be sold by those with a vet license, therefore only vet clinics sell it.
So I called a local animal hospital and was put on hold for like 5 minutes.
The lady there said Frontline isn't a brand (like I thought it was) but was the product itself, which treats fleas and ticks but not mites. There's no special mite product bearing the name Frontline.
So I asked what did they have for ear mites? Nothing you can get without a perscription.
But they do have Revolution.
So maybe I'll try that instead.

-Sarah of Borg
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Bendy... that cream never helped me.

*Is now scared of potatoes*
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I have been told by a vet that if you place one drop of the Frontline drops, that you place on the back of the cat's neck, in their ears every two weeks, you will never have a mite problem. He said he recommends all breeders to do this. So, I doubt that there is a specific Frontline product for earmites, but have to admit that I don;t know for sure.
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There is no specific Frontline for mites, but I believe the regular product works for mites. I'd probably order the Frontline plus just to be sure. You can order it without a prescription at
Great prices and service. Frontline is a brand name, not sure why the people told you otherwise. The main ingredient is Fipronil. Because my kitties are grown and at the same weight, I ordered a lot to keep on hand. It does not expire which is handy.

Something else you can do to help is mix olive or almond oil with vitamin E (squeezed from a capsule) and put about half a dropper full into each ear. The cat will shake it out, that's ok (if a little messy). I've also heard baby oil is ok but I'm not sure, I'd stick with the edibles. The oil drowns the mites and soothes the ear canal.
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I've been using Revolution since last summer on my cats. They had mites, and fleas as well. Works great.

You can buy it directly at your vets, and its about $30 for a 3 months supply.
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You say that your vet told you the cat had mites? So why on earth did he not treat them? All that is usually required is a treatment of advantage, along with a good cleaning. Not treating the mites is harmful to your cat.
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I have some in my fridge from Berkley's eatmite episode. Ill go look and see what it is called...

It is called Tresaderm.

I have alot left in the bottle, want me to mail it to you?

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hmm, my vet gave me tresaderm for a red blotch on Jorin's tummy. Looked like a scrape or something, but would NOT go away until I treated it.
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Berkley had a bacterial infection in her ears after the mites cleared up. This medicine was for the bacteria instead of the earmites probably.
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