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Zoey = kitty litter illiterate HELP PLEASE

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I love my new kitty Zoey. She is 5 months`old, I got her in May at about 8 weeks of age. The first night I bought a disposable kitty pan with included kitty litter, She ate it! and pooped on carpeted area of bathroom. I changed to worlds best kitty litter and she used it. That night I caught her pooping in the corners of my room(on carpet) I bought natures miracle and confined her while I was at work. She pees once every day or two a huge amount. It's incredible. I took her to Vet he checked her out said she was fine. her litter box use was sporadic and she went on carpet behind bedroom, den , and computer room doors. She went in the corner of my room. She went outside the room doors when I closed doors. I put a tarp down on all exposed carpet- she peed on the tarp. I CONFINED HER TO A LARGE UNCARPETED BATHROOM.
I would come home the litter box would be dry and she would be purring and playful. If I let her put of the Bathroom she would immediately go pee and poop on carpet. I would scoop her up and put her in litter box, manipulate her paws like digging, and she would jump right out go the carpet and pee or poop Occasionally she started to use the box while i sat with her in the br. She peed an amazing amount. I clean the box after each use.
I bought an expensive covered box she hates it jumps out every time.
It has been 3 months and still she uses the carpet in the corners, at closed doorways. But when confined (with scratch tree, toys, bed, food, and water) she used the box for poop and pee. I praised her and let her out she plays with our dog, goes outside to play, and cuddles purring. then I find poop in the computer room, den , doorways everywhere but in her kitty pan. she has never when out of confinement gone back to bathroom/kittybox to use it NEVER!
I bought kitten attract litter she hates it. I bought another bag of worlds best yesterday and it looks different . She peed in it but pooped in her BR (ie confined area) next to the tub .
I am at my wits end. She is the most lovable playful kitty but she must be brain damaged because she can not get the idea of the kitty box at all. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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first of all try 2 boxs, some cats dont like to do there no 1's and 2s in the same box. it could be that your kitty dosnt like litter, some people will use dirt or sometimes news paper shredded up, i even knew of one person who used saw dust (was the only thing that her cat would go in).
did the vet take any urine samples?
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The Vet did not take a urine sample he did take stool.
I am so sad I dont know what to do keep her a confined kitty her whole life?
I dont think she has any uti. that is usually presented by frequency not holding it.
oh well I guess I will try yet another litter and see if she will use it eat it or find carpet sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh btw I now have 5 boxes around the house in all the areas she used. she poops right next to them. she has never used a box outside her bathroom.
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i'm really surprised the Cat Attract litter didn't work - it's worked FABULOUSLY for me & mine... i would confine her in the bathroom until she used the box consistently. period. i did that with my Firefox - she didn't get unsupervised free reign of the house until she proved to me she could be trusted. Zoey needs to understand what it's for... oh, & take the cover off of the box - some cats don't like covered boxes.

i'd try the Cat Attract again, too. all five of mine love that stuff, & it did the trick with my former feral in getting her to use the box as opposed to the floor.
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It could be that she was never taught how to use a litterbox before you got her. This is a skill that kittens learn from their mom. I don't know what Zoey's life was like before you got her, or what exposure she had to other cats.

A friend of mine who had a kitten that wasn't using her litter box ended up getting a second cat that was older, and the new cat taught the kitten to use the litterbox. I don't know if this is financially feasible for you, but might be worth considering.
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