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I don't see Wal Mart knowingly sell anything unsafe but I've not been happy how they are buying so much from China anymore. Remember the good old days when Wal Mart prided itself on made in America?
Oh my goodness, have been in a Toys R Us lately? You couldln't find a toy in there that is made in this country. Target is no better. I have no idea why people single out Walmart for the "China" thing.

Our town recently opened a Super Walmart. I went there and have to say I was blown away by the prices --- Rice A Roni 50 cents cheaper than Kroger, Land O Lakes margarine at Kroger $1.50, Walmart 88 cents, etc... I could go on and on but I estimated I saved over $20 by driving 7 miles past Kroger.

Anyhow, I don't mean to turn this into a Walmart discussion. I have been wondering the status of the pet food fiasco. It seems that the media just dropped the story with no resolution.