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From what I have read on this site there are large differences in vet's fees from one area to another. The area I am in seems to be at least a little on the high side. Vets do go to school for a long time and deserve a decent standard of living and they have office staff to pay and other office expenses. It is getting more and more difficult though to give pets adequate vet care. I really feel sorry for the elderly on a small fixed income. Many of them live alone and their only constant companion is their pet.
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Brittany, $112 for a spay, vaccinations, microchip and nail clipping is very reasonable for a vet, even with the extra $20 for 'him' being a girl.

Denice, I have no problem giving vets their 'due' for the years of training, but when it comes to something like a microchip that shelters are getting for $10 from the same vet, it is just price gouging, there is no need for that kind of profit margin
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Vets charge big money here too. For a male netuer and micorchip it was going to cost me $275 plus (at the vca). I went somewhere else and got a neuter package which included: exam, rabies shot, distemper (1 shot), and the neuter for $165 (divided into two seperate payments). It ended up costing me $207 total because I had the Felv/FIV testing done on top of that. That was the cheapest I could fine. They only do low cost spay/neuters if you are a milwaukee county resident (which I think is bs... all low cost programs are for the city only). Im not sure what the going rate for a microchip is here, but I know it isnt cheap? That is why I am trying to make it to the humane society on their clinic day. Too bad the lady hasnt called me back to set an appointment up.
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
I don't know how much microchipping is alone.
Usually around $20-30, no additional registration fees like in the US.
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well technically 65 for the chip and 45 for the vet visit...5 cats....oy!
no i haven't called any rescues/humane society as of yet. I will probly call during the week, as far as shots...I know ceasar should at least have them incase it does say, out of date and he gets out (it's been a while since this has happen, but wouldn't out it past him, check around for the 3 yr shots though). thanks everyone
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Will they allow you to only pay one office visit for all of them? Mine does, that should help with some costs
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