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won't eat treats

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I have a new cat that I've had less than a month. She came from the pound, and is an older cat. The strange thing is she won't eat treats. If I put them in her food bowl, she will after quite sometime, but if she sees it in my hand or know it's been in my hand, she won't touch it. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get her to have treats? I would like to give her treats when she does good stuff, like use the scratching post and not my couch.
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If you've had her less than a month, she just might need more time.

What kind of background did this cat have, and is she normally a very physically affectionate cat with you?
Perhaps you just haven't found that perfect treat for her yet. And some cats don't eat treats, just their normal daily food.
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I've had her for less than a month. She was from the pound and the guy said she was caught in a trap they have, so I'm guessing she was a street cat. She's not very fond of being picked up, but when she wants to be loved she gets it. She has a pretty good cycle of eat, demand love (when trust me she probably gets more than she wants), sleeps, then poops, eats, and it starts all over. At first she wouldn't come to us, we had to go to her to love on her and play with her, but the longer we have her the more she comes to us, like climb in the chair and lay on the arm or in our lap so that we'll rub her head. She actually kinda plays a game with us, what I call momma and daddie. She'll jump on the couch, rub my husband's head, walk to the other side rub mine, then back to my husband.
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It can take time, sounds like she's just another normal stray.
Have patience with the girl.
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Angel wouldn't eat them, either, once she got older. She NEVER liked Pounce, however. It could be just a preference and I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think there is anything 'wrong' with her because of it and could very well be an adjustment thing.
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Only two of my 6 cats like treats! However, they LOVE Cat Chow. So, I feed them Science Diet (because regular food makes Callie barf) and give them a Cat Chow as a treat. It is funny to watch them doing happy dances in anticipation of a little Cat Chow!
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Ivo is very picky about treats. She LOVES the Kookamunga Catnip treats, and canned salmon and lettuce. All other commercial cat treats, she ignores. Give kitty a few more months, and I'm sure you'll have her eating treats from your hands.
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My little piggy girl has decided that she doesn't like treats either. She's been going through phases, sometimes she'll eat it and sometimes she won't. It's getting less and less that she will accept any cat treats, though. She's only 3 years old and I'm thinking maybe she just outgrew them?

It may just be your kitty isn't food motivated, or you may just have chosen a flavor or brand of treats that she doesn't like. I know mine never have eaten any beef flavored treats, and there are definitely some brands that they prefer over others. Luckily treats aren't all that expensive so you can do some experimenting without breaking the bank.

If she doesn't respond to treats, you just have to find some other positive reinforcement tool to use. She may respond to praise or pets more than to treats.
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Pearl doesn't eat treats, either. We discovered last night that she like cheese. My sweetie dropped a piece, and almost lost a finger trying to pick it up.
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