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How much is normal?

My three year old cat vomits about twice a week, sometimes more, and they seem to be hairballs. I have never really had much experience with hairballs, our family had short hairs, but my girls are long hairs.

There is hair in them and also food. Are hairballs JUST hair? oh I seem so ignorant asking that. But she is a really weird cat and if she sees a clump of hair on the ground she will EAT IT. We have two cats and a dog who is perpetually shedding (very long coat) so it is impossible to never have little clumps of hair floating around even though we vacuum every day.

I am going to be changing their food very shortly. Should I be really concerned with this? Or wait and see if the new food helps?
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Hmm, I don't know, but it does sound like a hairball, but my cat never throws them up. Does she make a hacking sound when she throws these up? I heard a kitten coughing up a hairball, and it sounds kind of like Golem when he coughed in Lord of the Rings.
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The hairballs I've seen are pretty much just hair. And it does sound like Gollum in The Lord of the Rings. The actor who voiced him actually based the "gollum" sound on the sound cats make when they bring up a hairball.

I suggest combing or brushing all of your animals more often, so the cats won't be swallowing so much hair. A Furminator can really help, since it gets so much loose hair off them so easily.
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