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cat goes potty WAY too much

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I haven't had my cat all that long, less than a month. She was addopted from the pound. She's an adult cat, and I'm not sure what bread she is. I think she's mainly siberian. Anyway, I've had a few other cats in the past, but she seams to go to the bathroom a LOT. I have a littermaid, and it goes off all the time. The book says with one cat you should clean out the poop tray ever 5-6 days, but Harley fills it up in about 2. Is there a reason why she goes to the bathroom about 5times as normal? Is this something I should be worried about? Or is the fact that she has a constant supply of food and water the issue? She doesn't really overeat, nor overdrink, and I'm not sure how old she is. What do you think could be the cause of her overactive bathroom visits? Should I worry, or not?
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If the cat is peeing a lot, then you should take it to the vets to be checked for problems. And on the littermate tray, I would clean it out daily instead of every 2-5 days.
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I have a littermaid, so it's kinda always clean, its just the disposable trays (per littermaid) should need to be changed every 5-6 days, but she fills it in about 2. So, I change the litter, and the tray ever 2 to 3 days. Could it just be that she's new and on a new diet from when she was on the streets and in the pound? And the odd thing is it's more poop that anything.
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Well there could be many reasons for this.

1.) What brand of food are you feeding?
2.) The constant supply of food COULD do it. Even if she doesn't appear to be fat, she could possibly have a high motabolism.
3.) About how many times per day would you say she goes, is it more solid than liquid?

One of my cats, Asim, as always been this way, it only 'slightly' improves with what type of food I feed him. He always goes to the bathroom 5+ times per day.
When you empty the littermaid, make sure you check his stools so that every thing appears normal, aka no blood or forigen objects.

Food with lower grade ingredents can cause an animal to eliminate more, if you try a higher grade food it might even her out. I've had Asim checked by different vets a few times for this and they told me it wasn't really anything to worry about.

Asim has anxiety/depression problems ( and so do I.) I've noticed when we both get upset, we go to the bathroom more frequently, I know that stress in general can cause intestine/tummy problems. However you haven't said if your kitty has problems with anything emotional.

If your still worried or have questions contact your vet.
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Thanks that makes me feel a lot better. She pretty happy all the time that and she sleeps a lot, but then again most do. I started giving her Iams this last week because of hairballs. She seams to get one every other day. the food has helped that (it's hairball formula) I would say she goes about 5 - 10 times, my husband things she's playing in it. It's mainly solid, and I haven't seen anything unsuall in it. I check that when I remove the trays. Thanks so much. I feel MUCH better.
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Two things. Did you transition her onto the new food very slowely, over the period of at least a week?
Also, when she uses the box have you noticed if it's just little drops of poo, or are they always big?

If they seem to be a bunch of little ones you could have a constipation problem on your hands, or many other various things.
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I kinda wasn't smart about that. I just switched her food. When she was on the wal-mart brand, she did have the runs, but now that she's been on Iams for over a week, that's stopped 100%. It's mainly bigger clumps, and it has started to slow down a bit. Maybe it was just the food switch. I plan to keep her on Iams the hairball formula for ever (she has hairballs every few days)
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