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Scooter needs vibes again!

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As some of you will remember, our puppy Scooter was sick a few months ago and spent 4 days at the vet (and they never did find out what was wrong). Well, last week John and I had all four dogs out in the back field and they were running and playing and having a great time. The dogs stopped for a break and were resting between John and I when suddenly the German Shepherd mix, Vega, flew at Scooter and attacked him... completely without warning and for no reason whatsoever.
I pulled Vega off of Scooter and took her and put her up. Scooter went and layed down by a fence post and John went and stood next to him. John isn't great at dealing with things like that so he didn't touch Scooter. When I came back, Scooter was panting hard and obviously scared but looked ok. I took him and he drank a bunch of water and I checked him over and he seemed fine.
John and I came to the decision to re-home Vega... we were afraid it would happen again and Scooter was here first. And he's already been through so much and he's only 8 months old. Anyway, the day after the attack I was petting Scooter and felt a wet spot. I looked at my hand and there was a little blood. I ended up having to shave part of his side before I found it... a tooth sized hole in the side of his chest, right behind his front leg. It really didn't look *that* bad, just bleeding a little.
I called the vet and they said to clean it out and put Cut Heal on it, and keep an eye on him. It's been several days now, and the wound looks a lot better.
But Scooter just isn't acting quite right today. He's been mopey, and doesn't want to leave his crate. He's eating great, but other than that just isn't acting like himself.
So, it looks like a trip to the vet tomorrow afternoon. I'm so worried and unfortunately we can't go in the morning because John has to work and we only have the one vehicle (sorry, only one driveable vehicle!). He gets home at around 4:30 so it's straight to the vet after that.
Anyway, sorry it's so long but Scooter could really use some vibes tonight!
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Tons of !!! Poor Scooter!!
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Poor Scooter! Sending many
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Poor baby! At the very least he probably needs an antibiotic. Hoping hard for him to be okay...
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Lots of vibes for lil scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sending lots of vibes for Scooter.
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Lots of vibes for Scooter. He probably just needs some antibiotics.
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Well, we're back from the vet. Scooter got worse this morning (temp. spiked to 107), so John came home from work and we rushed him to the vet. They gave him a shot to cool him down, and a shot of antibiotics. They did a test for parasites and Parvo, which were negative. They sent him home with wormer (just to be safe), and two antibiotics. The vet said the wound actually looks really good and is clearing up and he really doesn't think that the two problems are related. He says Scooter will be just fine though. I was able to get him in to see the best vet in the area... so I trust the vet completely.
We appreciate the vibes and please keep sending them Scooter's way!
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Ive been away for awhile and just saw this but Im glad to hear Scooter is feeling better! Also very sorry about you having to rehome your other dog but sometimes its for the best.
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