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Do Your Cats Act Differently when your not well.

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Wow I think I must have picked up the flu or something...I was tired all day then started feeling quite crappy shortly after dinner. It's funny because Sassy doesn't leave my side when I am not feeling well. In fact he is sitting on my desk beside me giving me this very sympathetic look right now...

I am heading off to bed shortly and no doubt he will be curled up beside me most of the night..

This brings me to the subject of this thread.

Do your cats act differently towards you when you aren't feeling well?
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Most definitely! I came home crying this evening (long story) and Ike knew to lay by me while I was upset. She meowed a little at me, and sniffed my tears..but she didn't beg for attention (unusual). She's very affectionate when I'm upset, and steadfast by my side when I'm sick!
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Definitely! Isn't it great!?
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All of mine do. If I am sick in bed through the day, they are all curled up beside me. If I am crying they all come and try to "comfort" me in different ways. Oreo will lick my tears
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If I'm sick or injure myself quite good Popsie is always there to comfort me. I wish I could say the same for my DH. Once I had the stomache flu and he took off to his friends. My grandma had to bring me some tolerable food. He wouldn't even go get me cigarettes. Then the next day he had it and expected me to run all over for him. He said the reason he didn't do anything is because everyone else spoils me and he has to toughen me up. I said yeah right you're just an
PS Sorry I turned this into a rant.
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Absolutely! John and I were both sick in bed on Saturday (for different reasons... he spent too much time in a very dusty/moldy house, and it was my "time of the month"). We were surrounded by kitties the entire day, even the kitties that aren't normally very snuggly always lay with us when we don't feel good.
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Half the time they know that I'm sick before I do. I now have 3 little nurses. Ophelia is the original nurse, but she pays much more attention to Daddy than me. Ginger is my little nurse. Mojo tries, but she's too easily distracted.
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My babies are so perceptive when I'm not feeling well.

They don't leave my side, nap with me, give me lots of cuddles and kisses.... I couldn't ask for better companions in life... and YES that includes my SO....
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Definitely, they are complete lovebugs when I am sick or upset

Boomer is a tear licker too, i like to pretend he is just trying to 'clean me up' but I know he just likes water, salty tears or not, but it still makes me laugh when he does it
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Thomas is glued to my side if I'm sick. Taters always lays with my daughter when she's sick.
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Yes, they both get more cuddly than they already are. Where Chynna is concerned that's "smothering" because she already wants to be held 24/7 and unfortunately I'm the type of person that when I'm sick I want to be left alone.
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My babies were wonderful to me when I came home from the hospital last month. Petunia knew that mommy was not well but Barkley in particular was right up under me. He even seemed to know exactly what was wrong and laid his paw and head on my stomach to soothe the area that was hurting. It truly is amazing and comforting how they are able to understand when something is not right with their human companions.
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i would say all of my cats do, Bentley is the best though. He has always been such a mama even with the other cats, always been the protector of the other cats (like when Nuit came or when we had the dog that wanted to eat the cats, he would get in the dog's face to keep the other cats away!) he's a good snuggle bug when I'm sick and the others are just extra sweet, jenny will lay on us though!
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Stumpy doesn't leave my side when I'm sick or upset, and she always tries to make me feel better. The other 2 couldn't care less
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mine seem to know when i'm not feeling well. they always act a bit more affectionate and snuggly
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Absoutely. When I'm not feeling well, Kitty plots world domination and does more crossword puzzles.
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Yes, my kitties, Gilbert and Sullivan act differently when I am sick. They are already both really affectionate, and when I am not well, they stick to me like glue. Makes me feel better, as I'm sure all you agree.

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Nope, Trout doesn't act differently
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