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Cat Vomits when not getting attention...

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Hey Everyone! Newbie with a question here...

Our 2 year old male DSH, Buddha, is very affectionate and when not napping or playing with our other cat, he very much desires our attention. He will climb up on whatever he can reach to get your attention (the couch, bed, computer desk, counter top) and rub himself all over us and lick our hands, etc.

The problem is that Buddha has taken to regurgitating his food. It only happens when one or both of us is home AND no one is paying attention to him. For example, If I'm cooking and my wife is studying for her graduate exams, and we haven't spend 5 or 10 minutes with him, we might hear his food coming up.

He's never done it when we're not home, except this past Saturday when I kept coming in and out of the apartment for several trips of carrying laundry from the laundry room and he had coughed it up on the mat by the front door.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Our cats eat Purina One hard food (and have since they were old enough to eat it).

This has been going on for a few months now, and when I buy Purina One Sensitive System Formula, it seems to lessen the problem, but maybe not all the way... I have to try it more...

Any suggestions? Are we just stressing him out by not giving him the attention he wants? Tonight I've been holding him (he likes to be held like a baby) for a few minutes every time I come back in the apartment and he's looking for attention. So far, so good for tonight.

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Has he been to the vet? Honestly, cat's don't vomit to get our attention. So, there is something wrong with him, perhaps the food, perhaps a health issue, or just stress. You should get him checked out with your vet. He is probably vomiting when you aren't around and just getting rid of the evidence as all cats do.
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Yes, get him checked by a vet. I just went through a situation like yours with our cat and it turned out to be a kidney infection. The cat getting sick could be a symptom of numerous ailments, so a cautionary trip is probably in order.

I hope he gets well soon.
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I don't think he does it to get attention. It is not normal for them to throw-up. Get him checked by a vet.
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I had a cat like that, where it seemed like she was trying to get our attention by vomiting or pooping outside the box. Anytime we deviated from our routine and came home an hour later than usual she was ill. It turned out that she had irritable bowel syndrome which is aggravated by stress.

So it could indeed be that you are seeing some things that seem psychological but also have a tie to the physical.

Indeed you should see a vet ASAP. In addition, if it turns out that stress is a factor, giving your kitty structured feeding and play times and a set routine (in addition to your love) will all help him feel more secure and should help reduce his stress.
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Bussy, my cat, does that too! However, I honestly believe he does it for attention when he doesn't get his way. He tends to do it before dinner when I'm running late (which isn't often). If he doesn't get his wet food ASAP (chop! chop!), then he vomits spit/saliva because his stomach is empty.

He's been doing this for years and it's just a psychological issue.
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Thank you all for your advice. The funny thing about him is that he doesn't hide the "evidence". My wife does not pick up "gross" things. So if he does it when she's home and I'm not, it will still be there when I get home later.

I didn't think he was doing it FOR attention, but because he wasn't getting any...

Either way, to the vet we go!
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