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Hungry Jack

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We weren't allowed to have indoor cats/pets when I was younger... so Jack truly was a blessing. We had just moved into a new house, in a new town, when a male tabby with a white tummy and white paws came meowing at our back door. We began to pet and feed him and before long he was pretty much part of the family.

He was a big boy, and ate a lot of food (hence "Hungry Jack")! But he looooved a belly rub. He and my dad became really good pals. Jack would be by his side during all his yard work and and BBQing he did.

We had finally become attached enough for our mother to let us get him fixed and bring him indoors to live. Unfortunately before we even had a chance, he disappeared. We hoped to see him again one day, but many years passed, and no one from the neighborhood saw him again.

I know it wasn't the same as losing a pet you raised from birth...or having to put one down...but he was my first real cat, and I love him dearly!

I'll never forget him.

((my dad still has a picture of him on his desk at work))
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Cats really do adopt us instead of the other way around. Jack was a special guy and though he was in your life for only a short while, he knew you loved him.
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Allow this picture to paint for you, the thousand words which I am unable to express.

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