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Vet Visit

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Ok so my hubby took Mellow to the vet ( I was suposed to go but didnt get done babysitting in time) for his free check up (petsmart give you this when you adopt on an adoption push day) he also went for some worming meds and the free advantage dose.

What was suposed to be a cheap vet visit ended up costing $116.77 which is good for everything we had done, but poor Mellow must feel like a pin cusion now! he had TWO microchips!!! one for europe and one for the US being that we living in America (hubby is American) but we could end up in Europe with his job USAF plus I am English

He had to have a repeat of his distemper, as the papers we got from the shelter were not official, it was just writen on his information sheet, we had no vet paperwork.

He Had his Leukemia shott he has his worm dose and his flea drops, so all in all the price wasnt to bad considering he had so much done.

Its kinda funny cos hummy didnt want to go to the vet and spend money on the cat apart from the flea and worm stuff...that was what we were originally getting him seen for, but he came back and said he had all the above I wa shocked he did it all especially the microchips, I figured we would do them sometime soon, but not today!

We gave Mellow one pill, but have another worming one to give him tonight, what is the best way to give pills?

Any ay just thought id share Mellows day with ya all, I know those micro chip injections hurt, caused the vet some problems with those, but he was brave!
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The vet should have explained and demonstrated pilling a cat to your husband. But basically, you stand behind your cat, cradling him between your ribcage and your arm. You GENTLY grasp his jaw and tilt it up skyward. He will open his mouth. (Someone else may have to hold his arms firmly but gently so he doesn't try to stop you; or you can towel him, swaddling all but his head in a towel.) Put the pill as far back in his mouth as possible, on his tongue. Now bring his head back down; he will close his mouth. Stroke his throat slowly and gently from front (chin) to back until he swallows. You may have success on the first try, but if you don't or he spits it out, do it again. If he just WON'T swallow it, try hiding it in the MIDDLE of a soft moist cat treat or a chunk of tuna or chicken or other treat. GOOD LUCK! It's daunting sometimes at first, but you can do it!
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I think they must have told hubby what to do, because he opened Mellows mouth and popped in the pill with no problem!
thank you tho, I am glad Will did it correctly, I always wonder about his methods lol.
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I'm so glad Mellow took his pill and was, well, mellow about it. Thanks for caring and getting the best info possible -- yes, sometimes the only ones we can trust to do it right are ourselves, yes? --so glad to hear he did it right as well.
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